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March 19 2007
Sucks and I really don't want to have to go but I guess I am going to since if I don't show up I will both lose my licence and be arrested on a $5000 I am sure alot of you are wondering what I did to incure such a large offence well just to let you know you really have to be careful when you drive next to people now a days cause the cops might think you are drag racing.......totally not kidding I was told I was drag racing down Broad St. going over 100 here is the major problem with that my car will only go over 100mph if I am slamming the gas and have it in 5th gear......which neither was going on so I don't understand where they got 100.......but I will hopefully get off with a minor speeding ticket or get off with nothing on me at all......but if something happens and they try to stick the citation well then I already have a lawyer to take the case who said I have a good chance of winning as it is.......well wish me luck and I'll see you cats later....peace

Down again

February 05 2007
so yea I just realized that my last blog didn't show up but it basically was talking about how I had gotten my computer to finally do what I had wanted it to do.....well it got tempermental once more and now it won't get on yea I am about to just throw it out a window but I know as soon as I do I will realize what was wrong with it and be able to fix it.......but until then I am just doing school work and the such on campus.....but yea catch you later peace out

Computer viruses suck

December 14 2006
Yes they do and we all know it.....I got a virus on my computer about 2 weeks ago and it has blocked out alot of my daily routine.....I couldn't even do school work at home cause I couldn't get to some where to do it or if I was writing a paper some site to send it.....but yea I am sitting on campus right now just finished all of my finals and just wating to relax a little bit today and then start my full time work schedual.....but yea computer is still messed up so you can leave a comment but I might not get it for a couple of days.....peace out bye


November 29 2006
So I just got back from the Disturbed's Music as a Weapon Tour show at the was freaking amazing......people remember how happy I was after Buzz Fest.....Its like 100 times that because I got to hear bands that are completely amazing.......the bands there were of course Disturbed, Stonesour, Flyleaf (whom I don't like personally) and Nonpoint......but yea it was an amazing concert and once again I am worn out from headbanging and screaming my lungs out.......but yea I am off to bed now cause that concert was so great I just want to go to sleep and dream about how great it will be next year since every band (except Flyleaf) said they wanted to come back next yea I will catch you all later......if you made it leave a comment telling what you thought about it......if not then too bad for you......sorry you couldn't make it it was amazing.....peace out much love bye bye

Radio Response

November 27 2006
Well I finished up my radio appearence and actually think it went fairly well......alot of callers and alot of good questions.....what I was talking about what the Haunted House that happened here in Murfreesboro......recently a bunch of people didn't get paid and I am being held half liable for their pay......well they had gone on the air so the guy who is the host of the show asked me to come on so he could get my side of things......but yea it went fairly well.....I had alot of fun and I think I might actually get things resolved now......I'll catch you later peace out bye bye


November 27 2006
I'm gunna be on WGNS tomorrow......I don't exactly know what it will air but I go in at 2:30 tomorrow......I'll be talking about somethings that have been going on in Murfreesboro yea I think you should check it out and tell me if I sounded like a complete idiot.....catch you later peace out bye bye

ups and downs of the weekend

November 21 2006
ok so I am just now making it back to my appartment after being gone since Sunday morning at 8......I spent last night at my moms cause my car couldn't make it home......yea clutch out completely but I got it fixed and it only costed me 500 bucks.....which I didn't have......but my grand mother is going to loan it to me on the premise that I have to come up there tomorrow for something...idk what yet.......but yea that has been my weekend......peace out bye bye

So the other night.......

November 18 2006

So yea the other night I was hanging out at the pool hall, which I do all the time now, idk why......some girls decided to put my hair into corn yea here's the pic


October 26 2006
So I just had a wonderful night hanging out with my brother and a friend of mine at the pool hall.....I actually just got home only because I sat there talking with her for the past hour and a half.......I actually had a fun time out tonight......Amazing aint it

Ever get that feeling???

October 23 2006
Have you ever gotten that feeling that no matter what you do things will not turn out the way you want them to???.....just wondering

Guess Where I am...

October 16 2006
So can you figure it out??....Well right now I am in a hotel in Cleveland Tn....I decided to come down and finally check out Lee, because I am majoring in Psychology and Lee is said to have a better Psychology program then MTSU.....I'll figure it out soon enough......anyways.....I am going to enjoy a bit of time in my hotel room and then tomorrow I am taking the tour of Lee.....beyond that I am going to try to hang out with the various people I know that already attend Lee.....well anyways peace out bye bye


October 12 2006
So I was cooking today because I don't have the money to eat out and well I am cooking some rice when something explodes......I check the cooking rice and it didn't explode but it came from the eye that it was I move the rice to another eye to cook and I see that a battery had fallen under the heated coils....I flipped out, cause in the explosion something hit my face and arms......I was freaking out thinking that battery acid had gotten on my face and I run to the bathroom and wash my arms and face and took off my shirt and changed cause I couldn't just leave cooking food on the I look back on was just bad luck....what had happened is my roommate had left some batteries by the stove and one had just happened to fall underneath the eye I was going to use......but yea.....crazyness.....peace

Need Opinions despritely

October 07 2006

So I have recently found out that I am yet another mom knows now that she is 50% Puerto Rican, making me 25%....I have a way to get all the necessary documents to be classified as Puerto Rican but my mom doesn't want to do it because she doesn't want to meet her real parents.....should I get those papers though I would get a full scholarship to any college in the nation that I loans would be paid back, and I would get enough extra to pay for anything problem is the fact that my mom doesn't want to meet her parents.....but the way I see it I would like to know my heratige as well as know if there are any prominant health problems on my mom's side of the family so I can kinda know what to expect in the future......idk I guess its just a matter of knowing but not really knowing.....I have always taken pride in my ethenicity, and I would love to know the full extent of my heratige......idk I guess it feels like I might actually be able to find another grandfather or something too.....I mean alot of people grew up knowing there grandparents but since I found out my mom was addopted I couldn't look at my mom's adopted parents as my real grandparents.....don't take my wrong I loved them none the fact I wish every day that my mom's mom, or nanny as we called her, could still be alive today and see me in college, my nephew, and all that stuff that has happened in the past 5 and a half years......but anyways what do you think I should do.....should I keep pressing the issue with my mom?...or should I just drop it and let things be as they are?  I would really like some opinions on this if you would please......

o yea I also found out I am 1/8th black

Quick question......skip towards the end if you just want to see the question if not read it all

September 11 2006

Well its been a couple of days so I guess I am going to update......So anyways my former boss finally sold his restaurant and I am still working there......But the new guy doesn't know alot that goes on so I am training him at the same time as having to listen to what he tells me to do......its really weird.....I was given the job of hiring new people as well as some what managing the store....basically I have complete control over who is hired and who is fired except that I can't fire one guy cause he is a good friend of the now current owner......but in that postition I got my sister in law a job working answering phones and random cleaning and she liked the job to begin with....well come to find out he is giving her more to do then what was in the original job description and what he is having her do isn't anything she has experience...e.g. handling customer she is feeling really stressed and is about to quit.....which just looks so great considering she has only been there a week.......but I understand where she is coming my plan is to attempt to gain control over the store in a sense......I am going to ask my boss if he will allow me to start doing all the cooking with a couple of days off each week and beyond that basically handling the store beyond inventory and such.....and he can take care of that and not have to be there......then I can get my sister in law to keep her job and I will be getting paid better cause I will not take a pay cut to do more.....I average about 10 bucks an hour right now......and I would be taking care of customer complaints and such because I have had to deal with that while I worked with my last boss.......I think it is a good idea but I would like a little imput.....So what do you think should I go through with my plan or just let things fall as they fall??


August 27 2006

Alright so Buzz fest was in short freaking amazing......I had the greatest time......See from start to finish I saw Black Stone Cherry,Soil,  Evensblue, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Cowboymouth, and Stained......of those the best had to have been Cowboymouth for their amazing stage presence, the lead singer actually jumped off the stage in to the pit area and then jumped another rail into the seats and started making people get up.....and Stained because they were just a freaking amazing band.....Stained ended the night and by the end of their set I had headbanged soo much that I will not be able to move tomorrow morning......also when Soil was playing there was a mosh pit in the grass area that I got into.....a friend of mine got hit and busted his lip....but me I went in and had loads of one point I actually hit a guy and fliped him over....come to find out later that the guy was actually like 13 and really didn't belong in there cause he got hurt pretty badly because of all the much larger people.....also after that I realized that I was getting dehidrated so I went got me a water and started back to my brother and sister in law and got hit with a dizzy spell fell to the ground and started throwing up everything I had sucked but it was alot of fun all in all......peace out bye bye

Buzz Fest!!!

August 26 2006
Alright so I am heading to Buzz Fest in about 6 hours and 7 hours bands start playing......I am really excited because I haven't been to a concert in awhile and from what I have heard this is going to be a really good one......I am going to post tomorrow about how it went......peace out bye bye


August 20 2006
So these past couple of weeks have been absolutly horrible for me in the order of sleep.....of the last 2 weeks I haven't been to sleep before 4 and that was yesterday when that happened .........before that I had gotten to see the sunrise more times in a row then ever in my other words I didn't get to sleep till around 6 or 7........but yea I would have to say insomnia sucks.......I am actually tired enough now that I might actually go to sleep here soon......anyways peace out bye bye


August 04 2006
So yea I have come to the conclusion that no one cares what is written here as long as it pertains to this pertains to everyone who reads it........I can't believe that a tribute to my late Great Grandmother goes unnoticed but I post about my hair gets 5 remarks......what the freaking all that you care about vain and worthless.......who gives a crap if I cut my hair or not.....its my hair why should you care.....are you people so concerned with looks that that is the only thing you care reading about.......I know I don't remark on alot of blogs that are put out that and that is because I don't have time.....I don't expect everyone in my friends list to post a remark everytime I feel like updating this little site.........but when I go through the 50 some new friend entrys and find that some people have posted blogs once every day or so then that slightly concerns me espically since nothing that appears to be said here really has much importance what so ever.......anyways no I didn't cut my hair......but then again why in the world should you care........I could make 50 heart filled post that I would like someone's opinion on and noone care......and then make a post about my hair or cutting my foot and get I think I am done for now but I really think you people should consider this

RIP Elizabeth Slate (My Great Grandmother)

July 28 2006
Well for any of you that didn't know my Great Grandmother Slate died monday of this week.......we went to Memphis today for the funeral.......I spent probably 10 hours in a car with my dad (whom I dislike) and my grandmother (whom is the worst back seat driver ever).........They had me drive the last 150 miles from Jackson was horrible just because I had to drive my grandmother's car which really isn't all that great and I had her telling me how to drive every 3 seconds.......but besides that I had a great time.....I got to see family that I haven't seen in about 10 years and some I hadn't seen in about 15 or 16 years........I got to see my Aunt Sanua and her family which I hadn't seen in about 8 or 9 years........I also got to see my Uncle David and his family......he's a great guy along with his wife and 6 kids.......and I got to see my Uncle Kenneth and his family.........which he has been in Washington DC for awhile and was working on cleaning up the aftermath of Katrina for 8 months making him gone for the past year almost........which I had dinner with all of them along with my grandmother and dad.......I had a great time today.......I was thinking about how I want my funeral and such to go and I decided I am just going to have a wake so that the great times I had after the funeral could be spread over a couple of days instead of a few I have got to say I have really missed that side of my family.....also I got to visit the graves of my great great great grandmother and grandfather....and my dad's dad or my grandfather......sad thing is I never met my grandfather on my dad's side because he died before my dad was 10......but all in all I had a great time.......I didn't expect something this good to come from someone in my family dying........