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July 19 2007
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November 08 2006

The Race is ON!

September 24 2006

Lord of the Rings 2!

August 29 2006

"Lord of the Rings 2" - That's right folks! After 5 long years, the production of the second installment of our Lord of the Rings trilogy is complete. As of today, you can view it in it's entirity here at Also, be sure and check out the outtakes!

Watch LOTR 2

Watch the Outtakes

Summer Fun 2006

August 17 2006

"Summer Fun 2006" - A video-collage of some of the fun things that I've done this summer. Enjoy!

A Weekend at the Lake

July 25 2006

A Weekend at the Lake

Check out the pics from this past weekend. Some awesome friends got to come chillax at the lake for the weekend. Thanks to everybody for making it a success!

MTSU on a Jones Soda bottle?

July 10 2006

Jones - MTSU

Could it be? Could a David Angel photograph ever make it onto the bottle of a Jones Soda? I've submitted this photo from MTSU's campus to the Jones Soda site to see what people think. Click the image above to be linked there to cast your vote!

Riverbend 2006

June 18 2006

Riverbend Pic

So, this weekend has been a blast. On Friday, after class, I hopped in the volvo and made my way to Chattanooga, to Cisco's house. He had invited some friends up for the Riverbend Festival. It was a good time to hang out with friends. I also got to see my sister, Emily, rock on! Click on the image above to check out the photos from the trip.

Why Women Live Longer Than Men

May 01 2006

"Why Women Live Longer Than Men" - A short little film that Andrew and I threw together for our Sight, Sound, and Motion class. I hope you really love it, and find it inspiring. I hope you realize the powerful truth that it conveys.

Spring Break Pics

March 09 2006

the past couple of days have been a lotta fun. On Tuesday, Andrew, Kati, and I drove to Chattanooga to meet up with Cisco, Lacey, and Stephen. We went to the acquarium, hung out and spent the night at Cisco's house, then went to the park on Wednesday. Then all six of us headed back to Knoxville for Jolene's "Surprise" birthday party. Be sure and check out all the pictures!

Nutter Butter Massacre

February 15 2006

Butter Massacre of '72"
- A little film put together by Noah Hardwick and I
exploring a monumental event in the history of snack food


January 22 2006
"Puddles" - What to do when it rains and poors and you feel bored...


January 12 2006
I was randomly surfing iTunes last night, and I stumbled on something very cool. I was searching for Jack Johnson, and lo and behold, the Black Eyed Peas came up. I quickly found this song: . It's Jack Johnson's Gone remixed with the Black Eyed Peas who wrote some new verses. It's really awesome!

King Kong, Ding Dong!

December 16 2005

Don't bother seeing this film. It's HORRIBLE!

Letter to Lucy

December 06 2005

I've got my ticket. You got yours?

Prayer Request

December 02 2005
My friend, Wynter Gilson, was in a car accident last night. She's now in Vanderbilt Hospital. I don't know too many details but would love it if you would lift her up in your prayers!!! Thanks.


The 20 Year-Old Virgin

November 30 2005

So Original.

I'm Thankful!

November 22 2005

This Thanksgiving I have A TON of things to be thankful for...


Now, to be sure, the list that follows is very incomplete. But I think it's good to try and think of as many things as I can that I'm thankful for. I know I don't do it enough.

My Life: There are a great many things I cannot know for sure. Life is a precious gift that I've been given. I didn't just happen. I'm pretty sure of that, and very greatful. Some serious debts have been forgiven me as well, more than I can understand.

My Family: Dad, Mom, Catherine & Matt, Emily & Ben, Rebekah, and Eleanor (& Dylan). Mimi, Nana, Nick, and ALL of my extended family.

My Friends: far too many to count! I don't deserve a single one of them, either.

Things: Shoes, clothes, dorm room, volleyball, guitar, computer, school, cameras, bed, phone, books, movies, noise, The Simpsons, internet, cards, games, journals, pens, house, dogs, basketball, silence, blogs, swimming pools, and fire.

Food: Pizza, steak, and burgers. But mostly Mom's home cooking!

Nature: Words don't do it.

Activities: Playing, running, singing, dancing, resting, communicating, photographing, smiling, frowning, visualizing, blogging, shouting, and dreaming.

My Health: All four limbs accounted for, and all five digits on each of those, awesome. All the behind-the-scenes involuntary functions.

Music: Some of the favorites: Bob Dylan, Josh Garrels, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Leslie Dudney. I love listening to music, as well as trying to play it myself. I enjoy listening to people who sing what they feel, not neccessarily what others want to feel.

Like I mentioned above, this list is tiny and incomplete. This is just off the top of my head. I hope everyone has an awesome Thanksgiving Holiday!

Leslie Dudney Bootleg!

November 12 2005
You didn't hear about this from me, and I didn't hear about this from anyone else...   .