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February 13 2006
Hey guys just wanted to say that life's great! Snow is on the ground! And Randy's out of school! Oh and the play is going awesome! Some one said that a ladie saw me walking down the hallway and said that she addored me!!! How amazing is that? My vote is pretty amazing! Leave some cool posts or something

Stephen Slate

February 13 2006
what a loser

Sarah Vermillion

February 13 2006
You were amazing in the play.


February 13 2006
you did realy good last night at the play:) rock on RAndy:) <3

Becca Hicks

February 13 2006
i wanted to see the play. *sobs uncontrollably*

Linda Turner

February 13 2006
you were amazing in the play!

Rebecca Jensen

February 13 2006
OLD MAN!!! And a perverted one at that!! haha

Marybeth Jensen

February 17 2006
I was going to see the play on Saturday, but they canceled it, and I didn't get another chance to see it...I wanted to see it really badly... :-(


February 17 2006
lol* happy valentine's day randy! you're so stupid.

Linda Turner

February 18 2006
Randy, you are too nice. : ) Chris Jenson is taking me to prom.