July 31 2005
Okay, waaaaaaaay too many people have xangas. I found one friend, and then it led me to like 20 others. Yeah, no exaggeration. Soooo......liking phusebox a bit now.

Yeah, my internet's deciding not to be evil anymore...yay!

Dude, I'm a dork. I *laughs* miss marching. Sad, isn't it? Just promise me you won't think differently of me now.....

I think we scared the few freshman that were actually at the party. Yeah.


~Rachel =)


August 01 2005
Yea...I think the freshman got scared, then got used to it. haha. I don't think diffently of you now, you told me that last night! haha. ok. ill b quite now.

Sara Read

August 01 2005
i can't promise anything carlton.


August 01 2005
Mmmm, I want to scare freshmen! Teehee. I think I might show up tonight with, like, make-up on or a funny outfit, or both. Just because I missed the scare the freshmen event. Mwhahahahahaha.

Sarah Vermillion

August 01 2005
You have a xanga? Have you managed to find me through your billions of friends?


August 01 2005
when you think about it though... we are all dorks.


August 03 2005
i liek phusebox =)


August 11 2005