The internet is EVIL.

July 29 2005

Yeah, pretty sure the internet's down at my here I am, updating from the always oh-so-eventful coffee shop. (come visit me!)

Freedom is only a day away! Yeah, with band camp, then more daily coffee shop routine! *throws party* no, seriously, this calls for celebration....

Clarinet party at Krista's tonight. Hope enough people show up, considering someone *coughs considerably loudly* forgot to put the day on the info sheet......oops. I thought red bull increased concentration? maybe not. =)

I got my car back today!

Gotta go...
~Rachel =)

Sara Read

July 29 2005
i cant believe you guys planned this on the same night as dci *shakes head and finger*

Stephanie Levine

July 29 2005
haha.....I saw you last night...loser.


July 29 2005
yeah...i agree with sara. stupid heads...


July 29 2005
I wish I had MY car...yep, sure do

Courtney Caldwell

July 29 2005
Must crash this party, if I have time.

Sarah Vermillion

July 29 2005
I want to come see you... but I am SO freakin' penniless right now. So unless you thought your parents wouldn't catch you hookin' me up with a free frappe...


July 29 2005
I saw you!! Well, it was about a week ago, but I saw you!!! And I shall see you again soon!