April 07 2006
well, yea. school's been such a drag lately. i don't really know what i'm doing...or where i'm goin...but i guess none of that matters when u have God on ur side. well, yea. like i sed...i don't really know what i'm gonna do. i'm so confused.

anyways, i'm running for if ur in my school, vote for me!!!! =)

luv ya always, meg

hey hey

March 09 2006
well, just wanted to write a blog...was a little bored. I'm in school right now. BALDWIN HIGH ROCKS!!! yep...i'm a baldwin high baby... =)

well, just wanted to give you a very quick update on my life...

IT SUCKS!!!! heehee..

sucks major. so much problems. AHHH! help me God.

please? =(

well, just wanted to say a hello to all my phusebox fwends.
luv yoo all so much!




March 03 2006
hello everyone...well, i've been having so much dilemmas and just plain DRAMAZ lately....i don't know what to's very hard, just to live life right now. if i've talked to you guyz lately, then you'd know what was going on....but anyways, yeah...just felt like leaving a blog..okay, well, luv yall.

luv yoo always,


February 27 2006

super dooper fun quiz! to all my friends who have crushes (who doesn't)...take this quiz!


luv yoo all!


I'm supa bored....

February 27 2006

well, i'm like totally bored...i'm in my boring technology (E.A.S.T.) class... and i decided to write a blog...

well, school's been such a drag lately. A lot of my friends are mad at eachother, and everything seems to be going wrong. I guess it's just another big "rut" that I'm stuck in...

(cuz i've been housing all this doubt and insecurity...and I've been locked inside that house, while you hold the key, and i've been dying to get out...that might be the death of me, and even though there's no way of knowing where to go, i guess i'm going cuz, I-I gotta get out of here..cuz i'm stuck inside this rut that i fell into by mistake..and I-I gotta get out of here..and i'm begging you...i'm begging you...i'm begging you to BE MY ESCAPE!!!!-be my escape by Relient K)

You see, one of my greatest friends was getting irritated of my other guy friends because he kept following her around...and yeah. so, she decided to hang out with a different group of friends for a little while, just to get some space...and then, my guy friend was really offended cuz yea...anyways, so, i played "PEACEMAKER" and was the "messenger" between them...(bad move)...and just to cut this story short, now we're all mad at eachother, all because of gossip and misunderstanding, and miscommunication and just plain out-bad choices!!! i sucks.

And, one of my other really good friends, who was just recently saved, thank you Jesus, just got a boyfriend! AHHH. and i don't think he's that good for her, but it's not my choice, it's her's. but anyways, i haven't got a chance to talk to her about the whole "true love waits" situation. I really need to talk to her about that. I don't want to see her get hurt the way I did---giving your heart to someone who isn't "the one" and getting your heart broken really bad. for those of you who've experienced that, you knoe what i'm talking about. hurts.

but, you knoe what? You'll always have God by ur side...just trust Him!!! :-)

luv ya'll always,


My Testimony

February 24 2006

well, here I am again...

I decided that I want to tell you about my journey...with God.

well,  I grew up in a church...I went to bible study...and I was a goodie-good girl.

I was just another innocent little church girl...or at least that's what everyone thought. But, I didn't believe everything I read or studied at bible study classes. I wasn't a REAL christian. I guess you could say that I was a poser....

But all of that changed when my grandma suddenly died. She got extremely sick, and died within hours. That was a BIG WAKE UP CALL for me. It made me think...

when i die, where am i going to i going to Heaven or Hell....

All of these questions drew me to the Lord...and I accepted Christ, shortly after my grandma's death.

We later moved churches...we went from Maui Evangelical Church to our current church, Valley Isle Fellowship. I began to grow in the Lord...and I'm now in the youth praise band, the Remnant.

Now, I'm also in the hula ministry...and I want to join the drama ministry too. but, whatever God wants me to do, I'll follow Him.

But, this awesome event in my life, taught me to never take anything, much less, anyone for granted. And that God can use Bad circumstances, and turn it around and make something Good come out of it. My grandma died...and I realized that I needed God because God used that experience to draw me to Him.

Thank you grandma....I love you, and I'll see you in Heaven one day.

And thank you everyone in Valley Isle Fellowship for loving me always...

Luv yoo guyz,


just bored...

February 24 2006

Hey Guys....well, I just wanted to say hello. I'm kind of bored i decided to write a blog...well, one of my own...yes, this is GHANDI..not big sole.

Yeah...the one on the left is Big Sole...the one on the right is ME.

Well, I'm really bored, so i'll tell you about my day yesterday. I was sick, so I didn't go to school. I got to stay home and finish the rest of my homework...and SLEEP...and SLEEP and SLEEP. ALOT of sleeping. I was so sick, I was going crazy....

I'm soooo bored right now. I have nothing to do...

So, anyways, yea.

until next time..

Luv yoo guyz,


Hacked By Catelin**

February 20 2006
well, while miss shiny legs (megan) is taking a shower i decided to tell you about the interesting day that i have experienced. Very interesting i must it all started when i decided to invite myself over to megans so called "layer". The carpet was stained with water and chicken selects and i ate her milano cookies. As she ripped the cookie bag OUT....yes OUT of my hand, that's when i saw her stash...i know...i never would have guessed. All this time i thought she was a good girl you know. she went to church, did her bible studies (well she pretended to) but i never thought it would lead to this. everything started to hit me! the consistant laughing at anything and everything, the excessive desire to shave her legs, that evil laugh whenever we went "galavantinng in her golf cart, trying to sneak out to go to the Marley Fest and also the Concert....i knew something smelt fishy. I didn't think that being part GHandi would lead her to this..... all because of that sick epidemic. NO not abortion.....ICE. Yes, it was Crystal Methemphetamine that i found in the back of her piano. I remembered all the times that she told me she was going to practice her so-called "piano skills". I KNEW that she didn't have any skills. WEll i better hurry, she's probably finished shaving her legs by now. i suggest that you keep megan in your prayers and hopefully she will enter rehab before it's too late....i know she might shave all the skin off her legs if someone doesn't help her....soon ...please...somebody......aaaaahhhhh....the GHANDI has attacked!