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August 08 2006

well school has officialy started. its so weird! it still hasnt hit me that summer is really over....crazy.

anyways. spirtually, ive been going through a lot lately.  its nothing that i can actually pin-point like "so, Lord that's what I'm doing wrong" or "okay that's what I need to do God". ITs just been these ongoing feelings that have really tied me down.  Maybe it's this whole "starting a new year of school thing" ....or maybe i am extremely SAD that summer has come to an's like I've become attached to this season of my life and I don't want to start another chapter.  I've grown so much this summer, I've seen God work in beautiful ways, I've seen God work in ME! a worthless sinner, I've met people and established relationships that I will cherish forever, and I've learned so much about myself and the plan God has for me.  So maybe I JUST answered my own question. Maybe this isnt a spiritual battle (although it very well could be) but its just a part of me that doesnt want to let go of summer and that place of "comfort" that I've grown so attached to during that season.

WOW! Jesus is funny.. I log on to Phusebox think Im writing a blog asking for others opinion/advice on what I've been going through and I think He just answered my question for me. God is AWEsOME! please keep praying ....

ALoha in our Lord Jesus Christ,



August 18 2006
idk the thing messes up I try to change it but it doesn't work lol