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missing you...

April 10 2006

my brother willy....

he got dem skills

I miss him a lot and I always try to keep him in my prayers.  As my brother, it hurts to see him, just lost ...not having the hope and direction of our Lord and Savior.  I wonder if he ever did read the Bible and my Purpose Driven Life book that I gave to him.  He says that life is going good...but why settle for just good when you can find true happiness in Christ Jesus.  Its hard to see him struggling, trying to make a living and  find success on his own.  Sooner or later he's gonna get tired and fall, if he hasnt already.  And maybe in letting go, he will let God.  But I just wish that he didnt have to experience that pain and heartache before he sees the hand of God reaching out to carry him .........  But if that's what it takes...

E ko makou Makua i loko 'o ka lani,

I can only pray that one day he will not only be my brother in blood, but my brother in Christ. 

Ka inoa 'o ka Makua

A me ke keiki

A me ka 'uhane hemolele



April 10 2006
mmm, das a good word.. why settle for good? ... it was cool seein you this weekend... glad to see your doing well!


April 10 2006
I'll be praying for your brother. that picture is so cool. i wish i could surf. and i love the Hawaiin you put on there. I want to learn that too. about your remark, the trilogy is a play my church has been doing every year. the first week (2weeks b4 easter) is the life and miracles of Jesus. then the next week is His crucifixion and the 3rd week (Easter) is the resurection but it does the crucifixion again too. It's really cool.