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okie dokie den...

February 20 2006
greetings, my fellow colleages. this is the less infamous Ghandi. Yes...Yes...i know who you were expecting---the more infamous Big Sole...

well, she's watching Lindsay Lohan's life on tv...again....dreaming.

Anyway. this is the perfect chance to give you the one and only, BEHIND THE SCENES EXCLUSIVE of her "inside life".

okay, well most of you know catelin as the fun, "loving" (when she wants to be), happy ("high" , is more like it), and the innocent little church gurlie.

well, i'm here to give you her REAL life story.
In actuality, she's a criminal---posing as a weather woman in Samoa...just to earn extra moola. check out her one of her pics of her POSING to be a weather woman.....

And here's the BIG SECRET formula for her extremely thin bod.
guess what...she's an anorexic. that's right, but you didn't hear it from me. that's's definately NOT the working out, because i've been working out for the past gazillion months..and look at me...i don't see any results. i mean. dang.

check out the pic in her numerous paparatzee shots of her and one of her celeb friends---notice the precise placement of her finger on her tongue. (heeeheee-dat's da evil laugh dat i do)

well, she's coming over, i better go.

* "this has been a BEHIND-THE-SCENES EXCLUSIVE on the infamous BIG SOLE...this Ghandi Morrocosialatydolychachacha, signing off---thank you for listening in, and GOODNIGHT!" *


February 22 2006
heehee...this is so funny! i kept laughing at the screen when I read it back to myself, and my mom thought i was physco....oops. well, ttyl. luv ya always, meg