today so far...

September 16 2005
okay i was texting on my way to class and out of NO WHERE came this branch. it almost hit me in the head but i dodged it. so..i did the logical thing and kept walking like it never happened. that is really my day so far. nothing else to really report. i'll update if anything else happened.

michael buble's version of "you don't know me" is AMAZING!!!! i could marry him...well not really. but if he loved jesus then maybe..haha.

Rachael Moore

September 16 2005
you have to watch out for those branches... crazy things.


September 17 2005
Yeah, my day at school was very eventful yesterday either. Watch out for the branches! Hee heee... that's bound to happen to me one of these days...

eddie sally

September 19 2005
thats why you text while you are stopped.


September 23 2005
Sarah, you are a funny gal:)