dead, i wish

August 04 2006

so this years JROTC freshmen, atleast the ones at minicamp, friggin rock
they were all pretty cool & eager to learn
graduation went well
except for the fact i had to speak in front of eevveerrrryyoone
and i had to command the demonstartion colorguard
cuz thompson got in a wreck [she's okay :) ]
and parkhurst didn't show [travis was told this but i wasn't?]
but yeah it went well
i didn't like who trent selected as honor cadet, but that's my opinion

other news, life really sucks
i've been hanging with my rotc kids alot lately
but im hurting really bad inside
[so emo, i know]
but sean hates me again
and i miss him alot
so i'm basically SOL for now
if only what people said were true.....

i smell pastries lingering lightly, sweetly over my mouth

[subliminal messaging]


August 05 2006
what are people saying sense i know that it's about us.

Sarah Vermillion

August 05 2006
Hee hee... I had to talk in front of everyone too. Me and my S-1-publishing-of-the-orders-ness. It was exciting.


August 06 2006
are u still in an early day?


August 08 2006
i dont know if that would be a good thing, if it were what people say that defines u. but its all good, i have no idea whats going on, im not even sure if we have ever talked, but everything will work out, dont worry.


August 10 2006
haha, no no they are the worst. i do like to think, but yes i would agree, those days are the worst. u feel like talking, but u dont have anything to say, all u can do is just think about stuff. it sucks


October 17 2006
i heartses the italian


October 22 2006
you freakin rock my face off!!!