here i am...

November 03 2006

still in love with someone i can't have


dead, i wish

August 04 2006

so this years JROTC freshmen, atleast the ones at minicamp, friggin rock
they were all pretty cool & eager to learn
graduation went well
except for the fact i had to speak in front of eevveerrrryyoone
and i had to command the demonstartion colorguard
cuz thompson got in a wreck [she's okay :) ]
and parkhurst didn't show [travis was told this but i wasn't?]
but yeah it went well
i didn't like who trent selected as honor cadet, but that's my opinion

other news, life really sucks
i've been hanging with my rotc kids alot lately
but im hurting really bad inside
[so emo, i know]
but sean hates me again
and i miss him alot
so i'm basically SOL for now
if only what people said were true.....

i smell pastries lingering lightly, sweetly over my mouth

[subliminal messaging]


July 27 2006

this week has been quite hectic

my mom is sick cuz of her diabetes
and her birthday is this weekend
me & sean got on good terms
then had a huge blowup
then made it all better
me & david had our first fight
which was reeeeaallllyyyyy....ehhhhh
but yeah mini-camp is next week
and school is soon

shopping here i come


I've really changed....

July 17 2006

And no one believes me

Tonsilitis and stuff......

July 04 2006

so my dad thinks i have tonsilitis
my throat hurts rrreealllll bad
and it hurts to swallow/talk/yawn/etc
but the doctor my mom was going to take me to,
well he decided to be out of town this week
i was like; well damn

but yah other than that i'm okay
me and sean are okay
the job thing is at a stand still
i'm tired
but i think i might stay up and nap later
i'm sleeping on the couch lately
i'm too lazy to walk upstairs
and the couch is comfy
except for the fact that when my dad comes home from work
[at nine AM]
he makes alot of racket
and keeps feeling my forehead to see if i have a fever

but yyyyyahhhhhhh
i guess i'll go now

Oh, forget that.

July 03 2006



Where do I go from here, on this lonely road to nowhere?

July 01 2006

so, sean broke up with me
he said he felt 'too tied down' to the relationship

i'm a wreck

and i don't think i'll get that job

i need someone

Trying to keep it together...

June 28 2006

so i might be getting a job at pizza hut
most likely washing dishes for minimum wage
but right now i really don't care

i've been at morgan's the past two days
we've been hanging out and getting my mind off things
[not to mention the 2AM salad and popcorn}

but yeah me and sean are going through some tough stuff
and i really don't know what to do
let's hope love doesn't dissolve


More thoughts, I think

June 25 2006

i still need a job


Thoughts, by me

June 20 2006

i need a job

that's it

Got this world upside down, I don

May 15 2006

i'm having a good mood/happy spell

i wanna bake cookies

i love this picture <3

Let my heart rest, in pieces...

April 29 2006

you know...

sometimes i really wish my boyfriend could understand my emotions
and how his temper breaks my heart

i'm not suppose to talk to him until monday,
all because of a fight last night and me 'annoying' him

so there's go my weekend down the drain

i really wish i hadn't lost all my friends


April 06 2006

i wanna have a simpsons marathon
haha that was random
but i love that show

Fading Away...

April 05 2006

why am i so damn unloveable?
why can't i find a guy who will treat me right?


April 02 2006

i have realized i'm a really hazardous driver
i think i may have ADD or something

Love Is A Battlefield...

March 26 2006

mmm i'm at a sleepover
hyped up on sugar also

hehehehe <33

i love you

and i miss you


March 21 2006

we got the gold star

kick ass

Open Up Your Box Of Sunshine...

March 11 2006

you know i think i need a


Danger Ahead!

March 07 2006

Stop me before I make a huge mistake.


They Say It's Your Birthday...

March 05 2006

I'mma be



yay <33

And Solitare's The Only Game In Town...

March 01 2006
i don't know really what to say
things are hell right now
might have to go back to east tennessee for a bit
my great grandmother isn't doing well at all
i hate death
i'm almost 16 and i've been to more funerals than most people i know
what 16 year old has been to atleast 6 funerals?
gah death leaves such a void in life
i broke down at lunch today thinking about my papaw
he died like four or five years ago
just thinking about his funeral made me cry
i guess that's just one of the things i have to keep bottled inside,
it just hurts so much sometimes

Come On, Come On....Do The Locamotion With Me.

February 15 2006

'listen up,
and try to understand
i wish i could explain
but the words are lost at hand'

yeah i don't know
here is my update for those waiting for it.
i think im sick
i'm shaking, i have a headache and i'm tired
so i guess imma go curl up and go to sleep


January 17 2006

oh man

this happy thing makes me smile


Not Enough, Or Way Too Much...

January 16 2006

yeah single life is still kinda odd
amber is here and we're goofing off
and i spilled lemonade on my pants
it was really cold
yah she's cheered me up a lot
we watched a cheesy chick flick
and it ended all wrong
damn them!
i've tried to talk to sean,
ended in tears and fighting
blah blah blah
damn him
but anyways
my five slices of pizza are coming back to haunt me
i think i'mma throw up
yeah so i'm expecting a call in exactly 20 minutes and ten seconds