Back to work

September 06 2005
I know there are days when I wonder very seriously if I made the right decision to come here, but then there are days like I've been having lately.
I love all our new staff. The base just seems to have taken a new breathe of life with them all here. And one fact that I really love is so many of them are musicians. So like the other morning as I was waking up, the sound of Chris on the drums and Brent on the guitar was drifting into my room. I might get tired of it eventually, but for now I love it.
Labor Day was filled with volleyball, New York pizza, fresh strawberries, climbing fences, lots of laughter, adorable babies, inflatable microphones, and so many other memories. Sunday night we all went to Olive Garden for Holly's and my birthday and laughed so hard I thought we would get kicked out. To think of all the fun we have had already just over the weekend, I can wait to see what the next two years are going to be like.
Now the rest of the weekend will be our staff conference. We will go over all the different areas of vision and commit them to prayer together again as a staff. And then Sunday night one of our leaders is throwing a formal ball for his wife's birthday. We all have to bring dates, which means we all have to pair off. Yikes! We all hate the idea, but will do it because we love Rebecca, the birthday girl.
"As for the saints who are in the land, they are the glorious ones in whom is all my delight." Psalm 16:3

Rachael Moore

September 06 2005
i wish i could of spent my labor day with those things.... mine was completely boring. oh well... i will be up there soon. but anyway, so a formal, huh? that shall be fun! any ideas on who the lucky guy will be? that is exciting i think. you will have fun! have a great day! i love you!


September 07 2005
Man, God rocks! I miss you Ashley

Shannon Barron

September 09 2005
Ashley, I miss you so much and I love you so much and I can't believe God is taking us so many places. God is so cool. Amazing story below!!! Thanks for sharing it!!! love you!!