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September 17, 2006

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watching a good movie by myself, a cubs baseball game on a sunday afternoon, getting nervous about a baseball game on tv and actually yelling when something i dont like happens, going to church, smoking a cigar every once in a while, playing video games, a round of poker, taking stupid pictures, talking to certain people for hours and realizing what time it is and not caring, hearing from old friends, traveling, listening to music, debating or arguing about who is the best basketball or baseball or football team with the guys, yankees vs. red socks, cookouts, hitting in the battings cages, i could go on and on


jay z, notorious big, taking back sunday, kanye west, talib kwali, usher, new found glory, blackstreet, snoop dogg, common, van morrison, jason mraz, me first and the gimme gimmes, green day, garth brooks, george straight, james taylor, queen, patsy cline, boyz to men, luducris, ben harper...


Braveheart, Lord of the Rings trilogy, The matrix trilogy, Zoolander, anything with will ferrill, Con air, anchorman, dodgeball, the patriot, gladiator, independence day, jerry maguire, fight club, spaceballs, a night at the roxbury, tremors, a few good men, vanilla sky, dawn of the dead, the scream trilogy


Foley is good, No Compromise, the testament, the street lawyer

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photo from odannyboy

do you hear what i hear?
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i am here

its all ok phuseboxers, daddy is here. o dannyboy has now arrived! everyone hit me up and be my friend.

here is a poem:

Roses are red
violets are blue
i want everyone to be my friend
and this is the end of this poem

let me know what you think
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