Well I thought it was about time!!!!

April 04 2006
So i know its been a long time since i have updated so i thought it was about time!  a lot has happened since the last time.  i now have an amazing girlfriend.  who constantly makes me smile and just be happy.  I went to mexico and that was awesome.  im sure you have read 300 other updates about the trip so i'll spare you all the details.  And i'm just makin it through and tryin to do my best.  everyday is just like the one before it and will be like the next day so not many days stand out.  but this saturday is going to be great because it is mine and kaitlin's 1 month.  so i'm excited! she is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!  just thinking about her makes me smile!!

kaitlin gay

April 04 2006
haha.. you are funny

Megan Polis

April 04 2006
so i'm guessing you started going out with her after convention

Robert Lewis

April 05 2006
well aren't you two just the cutest thing since a basket full of puppy dogs...


April 07 2006
haha yeh "pooped" is a pretty funny old granny word... he has alot more up his sleeve...aha that goober. Anyway yeh were coming in June...so yall all better be ready for us haha!!!!!!! Anyway , its great to here you and ur gf are doing well. Hope you have a great day , be blessed -sarah... oh and I finally figured out who ur cuz is, I dont see him that much , but I sometimes pass him in the hall