Valentine's Ball

February 15 2008

I was going to write a blog yesterday about my Grandmother because it was her birthday and the first year without her on her birthday. But I decided to wait until the 28th to write that blog.


So instead I'm going to write about the Valentine's Day Ball. Here it goes.

 Febuary 9, 2008 was a beautiful day. It was clear and a light wind was blowing to make it a crisp day. We got to the Kelley home about 4:15 which was (amazingly) on time for us. Lindsey still wasn't home yet from work so I talked to Grant for a while until he had to get ready for work. Then I played with the little kids which was a lot of fun. Much to Grant's annoyance, we left (late) to meet the Davison's at Home depot. Once we got there we were amptly supplied with coffee and candy. We were soon on our way to the ball in a rather fast fashion. We were soon very close to our destination when we stopped at a near by Shell station to get our hoops on (which is quite interesting). So we actually only got lost once and we weren't lost really. The poor people at the Recreation center probably thought Mrs. Kelley was crazy. 

 When we got to the right place Grant escorted Lindsey and I into the building were we had to sign in and get our dance cards. Now the purpose of a dance card is to get it filled up with random people to dance with during the night. You aren't suppose to dance with the same guy more than once. I broke that rule. Of course I wasn't comfortable with random guys coming up to me but I soon got over that. I danced with everybody I knew except one guy. But he was a nice fellow so it was ok.

 Dancing was quite interesting. I must admit I think I was probably the shortest person there. I'm glad that I went to the Kelley's the night before to learn the dance. There was this one older man who wasn't very nice. I didn't like him.

 All and all, it was a very good night. The best dance was the Polka with Mr. Kelley. : )