Many of you know me

July 15 2005

Many of you know me, have hung out with me at some point, have been in the same class as me, something of the sort.

So I have a question for all of you

If you didn't really talk to me all that often and just mostly observe me....

Do I strike you as someone who does a lot of drugs?

New Topic

I was having a conversation the other day with someone. We were talking about how people make plans for different things in their future. It all makes perfect sense, like there's no other way things could end up. But then any slight event can change everything. And from then on, nothing will be the same.

Not that that's a bad thing, it usally ends up better in the long run. That just depends on the situation.

It made me realize that actually, nothing ever turns out exactly as I ever planned. Whether it be something short term like plans for a day, or long term, like something to do by the end of the month or where i'll be ten years from now.

But I have to admit, that the way things have turned out so far...i'm glad

happiness is living by the moment

and at the moment

i'm happy :)

Rachel Tenpenny

July 15 2005
i was in your english class, and no, you didnt strike me as a druggie at all lol. we were always on opposite sides of the room, and i was always talking to katherine and kristina and (repeatedly) getting in trouble for it. ah, good times :)


July 15 2005
Nope, no drugs for you. OR ELSE.

Jordan Taylor

July 15 2005
lol no, who told you that? yea plans for the future keep you on track, but nothing is for sure, so enjoy life now, and dont wait to enjoy it tommorow

Alice Eatherton

July 15 2005
Nah, you never struck me as a druggie...but I did see the druggie hair-do you had.

Anna Miller

July 15 2005
um. . . a definite NOT on the drug question. besides, russel crowe would never do drugs :)

Mark Eatherton

July 15 2005
I'm not sure, but from what I've seen, no, not really. And I can totally understand the whole plans thing.


July 16 2005
Chic at work today asked me for a lighter (to fix her weave ~ no kidding!) ... I said I didn't have one and she said ... "I figured one of you smokers would have one on you ..." ~ of course I let it be known I don't smoke ... but weird huh? Obviously people just don't know you very well ... or at all if they assume such things ~ anyhow ~ Love you babe ~ CheleBelle xoxox

Elisabeth Barber

July 16 2005
hey! you do? how? lol!

Elisabeth Barber

July 16 2005
thats cool! glad we meet again. yes i do know shaun


July 16 2005
haha u dont look like a druggie!

Jane Woodard

July 17 2005
i'm glad you're happy. :)


July 17 2005
You are one of the non psycho guys... Lol


July 19 2005
aww michael i love you hehe i do remember that con in 8th grade wow that is crazy....oh good you boy!!!