of what dreams are made (this needed a repost)

January 24 2007

you know what i'd love?

i'd love it if i had a boyfriend that noticed small, quirky things about me that not a lot of people notice or that i don't even realize. and then told me about them at random, sweet times.

like... i'd love that

and there're things that i do, that i do notice, that i purposly don't point out to people, cause i want to wait for that guy to notice... and for him to be the first.

just thought i'd share

Meagan McCann

January 24 2007
i know what you mean!!!! I do the same thing... and i havent found that guy that notices thing either...maybe someday soon... Meag

Jamie Crabtree

January 24 2007
Neither of us, Meggy, neither of us. They're out there somewhere though.