October 20 2006

i'm SO excited about my birthday!

so far it sounds like it's gonna be amazing! my weekend is PACKED - but it's all about me. hehehehe.

tonight... i think my boo is comin over. hehehe. so excited.

and tomorrow i'm chillin with my dad and my step-family. they ALWAYS celebrate birthdays at their house.
and tomorrow night i'm gonna see some close friends.

then sunday (my actual birthday) my mom and i are gonna go get a camera and go over to my sister's house for a party!

and sunday night, i'm gonna have dinner with everyone from work!! EVEN BRIDGET!!!!!


thanks everyone for helping this birthday to be the best ever.

Drink Dajen

October 20 2006
steven!! you can finally get your lisence now! super sweet 16.

Nathan Moore

October 20 2006
Happy birthday, man...


October 21 2006
lucky. my 18th was lame as hell. oh well. call me about your party tomorrow. ily