January 08 2006

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best weekend ever.

it's too much to go inot detail about... but it was amazing.

maybe tomorrow when i'm more awake, i'll give an outline.

love is amazing.

and Korhy is the most amazing thing ever.

Matt Beck

January 09 2006
oh my god, that is one of the sickest things i've seen in awhile


January 09 2006
Ste!!! Ya'll are so cute! I'm glad you found someone. You better not loose him, 'cause if you do I'd have to come beat you up and cut off your balls. Mmkay. OXOX James


January 09 2006
i just puked on my self!!!


January 09 2006
Kisses are nice.


January 09 2006
is that The Used shirt u r wearing, bc if so , I <3333 them :) ... btw congrats :) , glad things are going well for ya :) much ,3-sarah-


January 10 2006
seriously!!! that is awesome ,not only did ya get a good bf, but modeling stuff, oh yeaaaa haha ... tell me when u get an agent :) <3 <3

Sarah Bowers

January 12 2006
Aw, stephen... I'm happy for you! Sarah~