i totally listen to slow jams -rotfl-

December 17 2005

well i ended up spending the night shopping with my sister. it was so fun. she got me a cool camo blazer in Hot Topic... and i got most of my family shopping done.


i sang her the emo kid song. and she laughed really hard.

Asia and Natalie and some kids came and saw me at work! they are so amazing. really fun people.

omg... i work five days this week. not cool. at least i'll have a ton of money. that's always a plus.

kay. i'monna go make a list of boys i like.



December 17 2005
Haha, you're so cute Ste. You sounded /sooo/ tired on the phone. I felt bad talking to you 'cause you sounded like you were about to die. And the emo song is really really funny. My friend showed it to me and I almost fell out of my chair. I think Imma go to bed, though. I'm tired too.

Mai White

December 17 2005
Making lists of crushes can be both fun and depressing. I hope it was fun for you. Stuff is pretty alright with me. I miss seeing you too. Maybe this is being melodramatic, but I don't think this marriage is working out too well? ha ha. Let me know how you're doing....xoxo


December 30 2005

kelsey shearron

January 07 2006
uhm. i love you.


January 07 2006
hey! i saw you workin in there!