time goes by... so slowly

December 15 2005

got my phone fixed. or rather, replaced.

hopefully tomorrow is better.

i'm so hung up on "Hung Up"   <3   LOVE IT!!



December 15 2005
*dances because he's the first to comment* Tomorrow's always better. Whether or not tomorrow means the next day, nobody ever told me. But tomorrow should be better. My uncle doesn't think Madonna sounds good. I don't think he sounds good.

Chris Slate,

December 15 2005
i totally think that steste turner is this coolest kid known to man... i meant... hey hows it goin... so yeh... hang tizite bro... holla... <-- haha i sounded gangsta


December 15 2005
Uhm no comment on that comment from chris slate lol. but im hung up on "hung up" too

Drink Dajen

December 16 2005
im hung up on hung up too