December 15 2005

ugh. nothing is going right this mroning. my phone keeps turning off, and my car is screwed, and my mom won't come get me for lunch, and i don't want to make another sandwich... cause i'm sick of them, and my dad won't come fix my car till later, and i don't have any plans today.


but i just discovered Gwen Steafni's new clothing line - Harijuku Lovers. i have mixed feelings about it. on one hand it is CHO KAWAII and i want some of the shirts, but they're cut for girls, and i don't really do that anymore. but i love it. on the other hand... it's what i wrote about a while ago about Jpop becoming popular and how i don't like it cause it's my thing. ah, well... it was at Urban Outfitters, so it's deff a good thing.



December 15 2005
im sorry :/ , I hope the rest of ur day goes well, mine hasnt been so good either :( ...<3 <3 -sarah-


December 15 2005
Imma convince my dad to go to Nashville. And tell him I'm tagging along to "see the sights" or whatever. And then be like Oh, I'm spending the night with my friend half the time kay. And then it'll all work out and we'll live happily ever after. You should try and have happier days. And I should get over this dislexia spell I'v been having... I love Urban Outfitters. I should go on a shopping spree soon. haha.