je t'aime toujours

November 30 2005

so i think i'm going to start spending a lot more time on... ME!

my skin, my hair, my body (inside and out) and my mentality/spirituality.

which means i'll be on the computer a lot less. but i'll still make a point to get on at least once every day.

i'm gonna start really buckling down on my diet. watch what goes into my mouth. this'll help with my skin, as well as my inner body. i'm also gonna have to buy lots of different products - scrubs, toners, lotions, etc. but i think it's way worth it. i think i'll ither A)look into fitness classes at a club or B)buy some tapes to do at home.

and i'm gonna start really practicing my French. i don't exactly know how to go about this, but i recently met a French major at MTSU. ::winkwink:: i just really wanna get it down pat. become fluent. not that i expect to achive this in the near future, but i definetly need to work on it. which leads to focusing more on school too. not a TON more, but more than i am.

all this and a social life too. i'll work on myself around my work and friend schedule, don't worry. beautification will take place mainly in the mornings and evenings. which means going to bed/getting up earlier.

i think it'll produce and happier, even more beautiful me! ^_^ and i know how much you guys love that.

<3 this was mainly for my sake - i just felt like sharing it with friends.

Abby Dee

December 01 2005
i think that's great. i really shuld do the same... i'm looking a bit rough, lately.. <3


December 01 2005
Thats awesome :) , yeh I should try that also ... have a wonderful day :) much <3 <3 - sarah-