mem pai?

October 23 2005

i think i had the best birthday ever.

my party rocked. and yesterday was AMAZING. i hung out with my sister, Becky, for most of the day. she took me shopping. that was fun.

last night was that party thing at the Lao Buddhist temple, and that was FU-UN. i think that was one of the funnest things i could do on my birthday. and it was cool, cause only the adults were drinking and no one was doing -fried rice- so i didn't feel any pressure. i met so many awesome Lao kids, and they taught me some words and how to dance. we danced really cool-ly. haha. and i ate this really yummy stuff called fuh; it's like soup with rice noodles and you put your own spices in it. so good.

so yeah, i'm a happy camper.


Chris Slate,

October 23 2005
friday was the shiz... thanks for invitin me bro

Abby Dee

October 23 2005
the coolest.


October 24 2005
lol fuh haha its pho :-P glad you had a good time i had to leave after i saw you haha when i first ead ur title i was like ste knows laos?! haha <3


October 24 2005
BLEH. This is random. Have a very good day-- your interests peaked my interest...? ha if that makes sense.