Back to school

August 11 2005
First day of school of my senior year....WHOO HOO!!

1st- Economics- Coach Ferg
2nd- AP Biology 2- Bohall
3rd- AP English- Jackson
4th- EMS- Bell
5th- Peer Tutoring- Daniel
6th- H. Psychology- Sides


August 12 2005
Psych... that'll be a fun class I bet. I took a semester of pysch and I wished it lasted longer.


August 13 2005
wooh hotty with a boddy wutz uup!! :)


August 22 2005
I wanted to take EMS. Bell seems like a great teacher! Wish I could have had her.

Elisabeth Barber

August 26 2005
hey girl.. wow smart ole you! :P haha.. always been smart though! see you around