February 14 2006
Brian's having my baby- Earl Avogadro Ming


February 13 2006

This weekend was...well...in one word- AMAZING! well...except for a certain incident trying to walk into an "adult establishment" LOL. Anyways! We went to Atlanta for our first competition (of the year and for the studio) and had a blast! The minis were adorable and brought home a 1st place award for "It's a Feel Good Thing", "Heartbreak" also got a 1st place score (ye-yeah!), and "Praise you in this Storm" (our lyrical production) got a 1st place score, Best Production, Most Emotional, and 1st Overall (outta about 80 groups)!!!!! YEAH! everyone did so good! It's amazing to see how far everyone has come this year, and it being a completely new studio too! GOOD JOB EVERYONE!!!! and remember- THIS IS ONLY THE BEGINNING!!!

Well, we left early Sunday cuz we had to get back to feed the animals and w/e, and saw the most gorgeous thing ever...SNOW!! and im not talkin a lil dusting or 1 inch or so here and there...no, we're talkin 4-5 inches on Monteagle Mtn!! It was beautiful, we must have taken about 100 pictures of it :-p Which made today even better- SNOW DAY IN RUTHERFORD CO! :-D!!!!!!! Today was good for the most part- went to the dr (ehh... not so great), party at the dance studio!!, and went to hastings and bi-lo with callie and cassie under...not so good general terms but it wound up being..interesting to say the least :-p now if we relate that to birds and bugs...and being introduced to the wonderful world of creme soda...yummmmm lol


February 07 2006
I have no brain!


January 30 2006

:Video tape:

... *figure with black mask adjusts the camera*

I have now ALSO kidnapped Shannon and demand one billion crzillion benammumum yen in unmarked coins for her safe return or else!!! You didn't take me seriously last time

*gets up to shut off camera and trips over the cord, and the camera comes crashing to the ground*

:End of Tape:


December 31 2005

YAY!  Phusebox is back (I know, ironic coming from someone who never posts....)

Anyways! hope everyone is having a happy (and safe!!!) break, Merry Christmas (a few days late) and Happy New Years! Ah, so much has happened since I last updated its unreal!  2005 has been a great year for the most part- new friendships, old friendships rekindled, crazy times, etc! So with that- I love you all and hope everyone has fun tonight, be safe, and happy 2006!

Fall Break...finally updating

October 05 2005
one word....ticket....guess who got a ticket yesterday....ME....arggggggggggggggggggg

jk, it was a stupid parkin ticket at mtsu for parkin there for seriously 2 minutes just to take my dad some dinner....stupid people, do they honestly have nothing better to do with their time??

I know, over a month without updating...shame shame shame...

WELL its fall break!! (as im sure none of you already knew :p) hehehe. well, my grandparents 50th anniversary was this past saturday and we had the party on sunday. It was adorable, i might put some pictures from it on here later. Thanks callie and cassie for helpin out...runnin up and down the aisles of bi-lo and walmart tryin to find clear plastic forks....:-p After the party, we went to see Just Like Heaven (cute!!). And that basically sums up my fall break so far cuz i cant do anything til friday cuz im "supposed" to be studying for the ACT.

Well, hope you enjoyed the recap and ttyl!


August 30 2005

Back to school

August 11 2005
First day of school of my senior year....WHOO HOO!!

1st- Economics- Coach Ferg
2nd- AP Biology 2- Bohall
3rd- AP English- Jackson
4th- EMS- Bell
5th- Peer Tutoring- Daniel
6th- H. Psychology- Sides


August 04 2005
happy birthday to...me! j/p THANK YALL SOOOO MUCH for the birthday wishes! you guys are awesome!

Well keepin this post short and sweet...partially cuz im too tired to write much and/or theres not much to be said in a short post, I Love You! Sweet dreams and ADIOS!


July 27 2005
Hawaii was AMAZING!! gah, 2 weeks there and I still wasn't ready to leave! hehe Rachel and I decided we're moving to Maui as soon as we get out of college, which I certainly hope happens!!! ;-)

Well, its too late to put much up here now, im going on 40 hours straight with little to no sleep!! WHOO HOO!! ANYWHO pictures shall be coming soon, within the next day or two hopefully! So until then, leave some comments and love yall!! aloha!


July 06 2005
It's like arguing with a brick wall, but if there is some chance in revealing an opposing side and making him think about it for at least a minute or 2, I guess its worth it...

'Tis a Sad Sad Day

July 01 2005
I started my summer reading...nuf said...

Simple Joys

June 26 2005
AHH...the simple joys in life amaze me, long bubble baths, finding a new unopened box of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream in the back of the freezer, warm-right-outta-the-dryer towels, and blaring your favorite song when it comes on the radio at the perfect moment....:-) :-)

If anyone wants to do something this week, just gimme a call!!! love you!

Everyone stay off the road!!

June 17 2005
Thats right, guess who got their license!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Move over everyone, shannon's mobile!!


June 12 2005
Holla, well i didnt really like my other one so i made a new phusebox, so...welcome!