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August 15 2005
yep... today was the first day of school...
i've managed to develope crushes on TWO guys in just ONE DAY(eep)
both of which will probably never like me back...
c'est la vie, i suppose ♥
today was fun.
i loved seeing my frineds again < 3

i love yooooo

Photo From SeeRockCity

August 14 2005

photo from SeeRockCity

i FINALLY get new jeans today :excited:
school tomorrow ♥
i helped out at "childern's church" today. i love 3-year-olds. they're funny.
next weekend = ONE YEAR (yikes) i can't believe he's been gone that freaking long...
:my tummy hurts:
i want a boyfriend.


bored, bored, bored...

August 13 2005
Your Daddy Is Ozzy Osbourne

What You Call Him: Big Daddy
Why You Love Him: He takes you to Disneyland
Who's Your Daddy?

that's right.


August 12 2005

photo from SeeRockCity

so i rearranged my room yesterday.
carly wanted pictures
so here you go, carly, and other people who care.

i love laying on my parents' bed with my mom and eating cookies.

i ♥ my mommy ^_^



August 11 2005
school was today.
i love OAKLAND

never EVER thought i'd say that.


my french teacher is adorable
Mrs. Krocker again
my math teacher has a curly mullet -eew
honors biology -love. CARI's in that one with me.
some how.. i'm in keyboarding?

but yes... school's not so bad.

corey harper hugged me a thousand times!! it was exciting. =] loooooove



August 10 2005
woah, i love you guys.
you have broken my record (which wasn't too hight to begin with) but commin' home and readin' all those comments made my day, i'll tell you wut. ♥

so went to the mall with carly.
ran into some of the coolest people i'll ever know:

it was so much fun. Gini drove us over to starbucks where we DIDN'T get free coffee.... what is this?

went to carly's
watched edward scissorhands and made ugly jewelry

yeah.. i'm pretty happy all over.

August 06 2005
just woke up (11:00am) ^_^

all of the groups i've ever made are pretty popular now

"she looks like a birthday cake"

August 04 2005
i wish guys were even HALF as into me as i'm into them.....

erk... stupid males.

in other news:
went to the mall today with carly and ryan and had a blast

ryan wouldn't let me pay him back for my chai late
nor would he let carly pay for her shirt.

we sat on benches and people-watched. we made fun of people's clothes and made up stories about their lives. that's always fun times.

grilled cheese at our daily bread is goood. you should get it ^_^

i got a hott yellow choker (with big, round yellow beads) loooove

afterwards, me and my mommy went to starbucks where i got yet ANOTHER coffee.. i'm spazzy now.

uhh... yeah... i realized probably no one cares.


photo from SeeRockCity

look what RED made for moi!!!

N-64 owns your soul

August 03 2005
broke out the ole' N-64 today and played mario cart with my cousin, tim.

i like my N-64 better than my PS2...

and no it's not weird.

:crosses arms:



August 02 2005
blah.. blah.

went out to eat with my sisters. we went to
camino real, then far-east and went to
campus and met my mom at a picnic table
and ate the food there. it was really fun. we
made fun of erica's rash (hahah)

then we went to target. shelby smith was
there. we talked a while. she's dating corey
drake (weirrrrddd) i got a fred is red wallet for
A DOLLAR. word. then i saw jessy R with her
dad and little sister. her sister kept showing
me socks. a little annoying...

some hott guy thought i was stalking him.
(too long to type) but it was really funny

my sister listens to alot of obscene rap.
LUDACRISSSSS is funny. and tom
green "daddy, would you like some sausage?"

Silas Marner should die.


hmm.. so i

August 01 2005
i believe i'm going to
dy my hair black again


July 31 2005

photo from SeeRockCity

this always makes me laugh

la la la la la....

July 30 2005
i have the theme to Daria stuck in my head... Garbage is wonderful. =]

so this is a random post.. whetev.

so phuseboxxx has stolen my heart.... xanga and myspace are getting really really old fast.

no one comes to my myspace any more... not that i can blame them (at all) nor are people going to my xanga.. rrrr.

who cares, though?

Katie's house was raaad as usual. we played with OSCAR THE FERRET ^_____^ i'm in love with him. he's adorable

i FINALLY got to see CHARLIE and THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY!!!!! it was amazing. i believe it's my new favorite movie

stole from claire.

July 30 2005
TEN Random Things About Me

10. i love putting daisies in my hair (in fact.. there's one in my hair now) ^_^
9. i trip on my own feet
8. i wear rings on almost every finger
7. peanutbutter candy is the sexx
6. i have never downoaded a song in my life
5. my FAVORITE colour is green
4. vegetarian is moi (for.. about... three years)
3. i love to hang out with homos
2. grapes =]
1. art

a few

July 28 2005
so i posted a few pictures from my trip =]

watching: spongebob. (the one where patrick
tries to be spongebob) funny stuff.

went to PATTERSON PARK today and
walked half a mile. i would have walked alot
more if i had had more time. it's okay though
because i'm going to start going to MTSU
about twice every week. it's time i get into
shape. sence softball ended i've been a huge

tomorrow = KT's party-thing. it's going to be
awesome. man, i really miss hangin' with
her... uhm... i think that's it.


i'm BACK

July 27 2005
so my "vacation" was cut a bit short (it's cool though) recap:

drove for about 4 hours and sarah and i chilled and listened to CDs and ate our weight in Doritos =]

stop in pigeon forge to go to a HUUUUUUGE strip-outlet-mall. nice

it was hella hot out. (the highest was 111-effing-degrees!!!!!)


but we had fun and drank lots and lots of iced coffees and Jone's from the near-by Starbucks

packin my things...

July 25 2005
well, kiddos.

i'm off to Gatlinburg early in the mornin' tomorrow. it's going to be a blast. i love it there. SARAH C is coming over tonight so she can go with us and stuff. leave lots of remarks while i'm gone

i think it's time i clean my room and PACK :dance:

pray lots for my comings and goings, please.

that's right, i'm SO drinking chocolate milk from the carton =]


(ps: comment like mad men on my PICTURES)


July 23 2005
so ste's party was aiight.

man.. i wish i could dance...

maybe then i would've had more fun

josh beats up small children

carly was beautiful (as always)

it was really humid and gross outside

so i just sat inside and ate alot of eggrolls.

and pixy stix.

well... i think i'm going to go watch 16 candles
with mummy


life's a peach

July 23 2005

y'know? life's grand right now (knock on wood)

spent 2 nights at carly's. it was cool -we ate
cheese fries for breakfast and sewed
everything we could find. it was mad fun. --not
to mention the concert (joshee and redford
came too) Mrs. Una drove. she's so cute.

ste's party is tonight. it's gonna be the shiz.

Gatlinburg next week :road trip, yo: i get to
bring the coolest cousin in the world


July 21 2005
weez concert = awesooommme!!

ben folds is the shiznit