Rambling Questions

July 25 2005
I am going to ramble about something that I've been thinking about. You might think I'm weird or even gross for thinking this, but I don't care. So I have been wondering if sex before marriage is as bad as society makes it out to be. Sometimes I really don't think it is, but you don't really I suppose till after you do it. Right now I feel it isn't as bad, but my opinion could change if I would (not saying I will). I guess we don't know till after you experience it.

I am back again!

July 23 2005
So i just returned from camp and I am surprisingly sad I am back. I miss everyone. It's so weird being the only one other than my parents here. By Thursday we were getting realy sick and frustrated at each other, but now I hate that I have no one to talk to or goof off with. So anyways, camp was awsome like always. Bean is kinda clueless on relationships (or at least ours). We sat by each other a lot. I sat with him on the way home. Does anyone know what Bean looked like or thought when I layed my head on his shoulder? So anyways this is basically the week...we had fun, ran way too much (figure that, running a bunch at cross country camp), we played around, much volleyball, scaring the other teams by acting like lesbians and doing and dressing weird, shaving Squirrel's (Nicky's brother) head, and lots of tasty food! So right now I really miss Jennifer and Bean and probably other people that I cannot think of. Oh and the freshman who are pretty cool people. Well I miss everyone and if there are any camp pictures you have posted or anything, I'd love to see!

I am Back!!!

July 16 2005
So I jsut returned from my what is suppose to be 6 and a half hour trip from West Virginia (with my stepdad driving it took us 8). So I had a lot of fun with my family (cousins especially). So much happened I won't be able to remember it all! So my cousins and I played two rounds of dirty word scrabble (of course we hid it from the aunts and uncles). We made words like masturbate (which I misspelled it saying masterbate, my younger cousin corrected me on that!) and then my all time favorite...tittyclub. We white water rafted and my guide was especially hot! And somehow we set the alarm off in my uncle's volvo suv...I love that car!!! We shot off a potato gun a lot. And last night was nice. My cousins, Mickey (13) and Chirs (14) and I (16!!!) Walked around the camp site for an hour or two talking about many different things. I shaved art of my leg with my cousin, Nick (16 in a week) electric razor and then tucked him in and gave him a good night kiss on the cheeks (hehe...he hated that). We also pissed of my cousin Sammy (I say she's 9 but she swears she is 11) which is always fun. So yah, those are some of the highlights I can think of. It was so much fun and I miss my cousins a lot! Now I leave for cross country camp at 5 in the morning!!!

btw, my profile pic has the really hot guide in it. His name is Dan and he is 21. It is also in my photo box if you are me and need to see it in a bigger size!

Still My Birthday!!!

July 10 2005
Yay so today is better. I am packing, I watched Aladdin again. Now I am watching a movie with Chris Farley and David Spade in it, not sure what its called. So yes, again, Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

It's my birthday!!!

July 10 2005
So this borthday so far is sucking ass. My mom keeps yelling at me about stupid physical forms that my friends and I think I should give to someone to give to Salty this way he doesn't get pissed in giving him them on the way to camp. I even made copies. It is very much irritating me. So yah I hope this day gets better.


1 day till my sweet 16!

July 09 2005
So yesterday was my birthday party. Only a few people came for the water gun fight, but it was still a ton of fun. We got soaked. Bean was the only guy, so I suppose we made him quite awkard in some conversations...teeheehee. Thank you everyone for everything, coming, presents, bringing the fun! So this is my last entry while being 15, hehe, I've been doing that for the past 2 days. Oh yah! I bought a James Taylor CD today and the soundtrack to how to loose a guy in 10 days! I am so excited to listen to them on the trip to West Virginia! YAY!

1 day till my birthday.
2 days till West Virginia.
5 days till white water rafting.
8 days till we (as in the cross country team) leaves for running camp!

I am so excited. I feel as if my summer is starting!


July 07 2005
1 day till party.
3 days till I am 16!
4 days till I leave for West Virginia.
7 days till white water rafting (nervous but excited!).
9 days till we leave for West Virginia.
10 days till we leave for cross country camp!

I am so excited. These next two weeks are going to be awesome!

Creepy Stuff

July 06 2005
So yah something is gay with phusebox. I think somehow something happened that will embarrass me. I can't say what it is beucase I don't know how it happened or how to get rid of it. I am so f'n scared and freaked out right now. I need to talk to either Anna or Tony or even both would be nice. So please log on!!! Or Anna call me! I am so freaked out!

On another note my parents are yet again fighting. Not sure if I like it or not. That sounds awful, but yah...it's true.

AHHHH! But I am still freaking out!

I have my OWN camera!

July 06 2005
My digital camera just came! I jsut have to get a memory card for it. I am so excited!

Ice Cream...mhmmm

July 05 2005
So I am eating a huge bowlfull of ice cream. It is very tasty...mhmmmm....

Party Planning Sucks!

July 05 2005
My mom is ruining the fun and excitment of a party. No wonder I never have one. Now I am regreting my whole "great" idea of a party. Goodness this is irritating.

Jackass (no not a donkey)

July 04 2005
So by the title I am sure some of you can assume who I am going to talk about. Yup, your right, my stepdad. He is a jackass. And now I am seeing he isn't a jackass to me but also my mom. My mom told me to turn off the sprinklers, so I go out and I turn both fosets to the off position. Then my mom's husband yells at me, "can't you see it isn't off??" I respond in a frustrated manner, "well I turned it to the off position, so if it isn't off screw it." Then my mom happens to come out as he says, "Well it isn't off." I knew she was behind me, but I yelled back at him saying, "Well you do it if your so smart." Now I feel like going back out there and yelling at the mother fucker (Isure hope he isn't fucking my mother). I am so pissed at him. My mom has the worst taste in guys adn she doesn't even leave them till they leave her. Goodness I hope I didn't get her taste in guys. I am so pissed!!! ARGGG!

Do I look fat in this?

July 03 2005
Okay so that is the question every female asks to their husbnad/boyfriend/male friend. Ladies, jsut don't ask it. Guys, don't respond. For one for one of those "Learn from their experience" stories, here is one I experienced the rath of today. So my mom comes into the kitchen in a pissy mood. My stepdad asks, "what's wrong, Judithe." In reply, my mother says, "I wasted so much money on friday. I look fat in everything." Well if you were my stepdad you would have known not to respond, but of course my stepdad has no common sense and replies by saying, "you look fine in what your wearing." If he was smart, he would not have said that because my mom shot back, "This isn't new! I have worn this same fucking jeans with this same fucking white shirt for the past three years!" Well then, trying to comfort a distressed woman my stepdad said, "But you look fine in that." Well my mother storms away. And being the innocent and quite clueless bystander I am, "I ask what was that about?" My stepdad tells me this story that made me think, well, DUH! So he says, "She tried on something she bought and asked if she looked fat in it. And for the first time since we've been married, I said yes." Him saying that alone made me realize he is only book smart, he has no common sense. Anyone with common sense would have either been quiet and said something like, "It doesn't flatter you as much as something flowy (or something along those lines)."

So a word of advise again to all you ladier out there, never ask a guy if you look fat in something. And guys, don't flatly say, "Yes." That is about the worse thing you could do to yourselves. This story also confirms my beliefs that my stepdad is an asshole. And not only to not only me, but now my mother.

Air Bud

July 03 2005
How many Air Bud movies are there? How many can they make before they realize no one watches them anymore?

Digital Camera!!!

July 02 2005
So yah, my stepdad jsut ordered a camera for me off the internet less than 5 minutes ago. So Emily is getting a camera for her birthday! Sweeet. Hopefully I'll have it before my birthday party on Friday (cross country people are invited. I'll send out invitations on Monday).

So this weekend has been good so far. I went fishing with my brother today. It was jsut him and me which was really nice, not sure if it could have been better. I caught everything but the fishes (actually I caught one). So thats about it. 8 days till the wonderful sweet 16!!! Can you believe it, after dreaming of being 16 and having a sweet 16, its coming in 8 days!!!

I'm Paranoid!

June 30 2005
Ok so I have come to the conclusion that I am a paranoiac, meaning an individual or group that is suspicious, etc. So yah that was what I could remember from the Webster definition. I cannot sleep. My bed is dark concidering it is the bottom bunk and my room is in the corner of the house. Stupid neighbors are shooting off fireworks, so what does a paranoiac think that is??? A gun. Yah, so I am cuddling my stuffed penguin named Ernie.

So I think I annoy people because all I do is ramble. I rambled to Cara, then Bean, and now Tony.

11 days till my birthday!
12 days till I leave for West Virginia!
15 days till white water rafting!
18 days till the team leave for cross country camp!