You Know your parents are getting old when...

January 13 2006

You know when your parents are getting old when...

...Their breathe smells like old people even right after they brush their teeth.

...You whisper something in your mom's ear in chruch, she turns her head and shouts, "Say it again in my good ear!"

...Your mom gives you her pads and tampons and tell you she won't be needing them anymore.

...They buy a new car, but instead of having the new car small, it smells like old man farts.

...They laugh at life insurance.

...They cannot tell your irritable moods from your content moods.

...They start watching Lifetime on a regular basis, even your stepdad.

...Their glasses are bigger and wider than their faces.

...They lose something and find it in the oddest place.

...They spend more time on the toilet and they have a discussion with one another about what just came out.

...The higher the pants the better.

...You tell them something 3 times and they think it is the first time each time.

Well that is all I can think of for now. Thank you to my parent's for the inspiration for this entry.

Runner's High

January 09 2006
It is amazing how in one day things become as wonderful as they were. In 6th period Jeff and I were in Salty's room alone, and we talked a little bit. So, everything is good in that department. Then at track practice today, which team was also on the field? BASEBALL! Who is on the baseball team that I might happen to like, again? Well, if you don't know that, well, you can ask me later. And also since it was the first day of track, that means my favorite high in the world...RUNNER'S HIGH!!!


January 06 2006
So...nothing to say here. School, good. Home, good. Friends, great. Family, really good. Sleep, needed. Thats about my life in a few short sentences. oh, Track, soon and apprehensive.

School's here

January 03 2006
So here we are, sitting in a classroom. I put up new pictures of New Year's Eve, and of XC formal, and of my dad's house. This about all I have to say. And I have a crush! Absolutely Snazzy/Sexy/da Shizz! (AS is his initials) Anyways...


January 01 2006
Happy New Year!

It's back!

December 29 2005
Well Phusebox is back. Always a good thing. Not much else to say. Went to my dad's. The trip sucked. I do not fit in my family, or at least that side. This Christmas vacation hasn't been great. Some reason I cannot be happy. I jsut have been here, nothing else. Not happy, not exactly sad. Depressed maybe? Ugg. Well I cannot wait to be happy again or at least me.

No more phusebox

December 07 2005
So some reason on my computer at home I cannot log onto my phusebox (I am at school, but shhh! don't tell Nolan!) So I don't think I will update much more, maybe when I am able to at school. But if youw anna read about my life, should do the trick! Peace my babies!

Forgotten and Left Behind

November 28 2005
I feel as if I was forgotten and left behind. He hasn't talked to me or even looked at me. I feel like such a loser and almost like a bitch.Life and love is harder than it appears.

Happy Thanksgiving

November 27 2005
Thanksgiving was so much fun this year. My cousin came. We ate so much and played football and goofed around. Nick and I were going to see how long it would take to go from 0 to sixty, but we didn't have a stop watch...bummer. My grandma is the best cook by far. All the meals we had were amazing! I gained soo much weight! I love it! So I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving as I did. Love ya!

"It's a Hard Knock Life"

November 17 2005

So Annie was right, it's definately a hard knock life. It sucks when things do not go the way you want them to. It sucks when something so great falls into pieces. It was the most wonderful month and I am so pissed it is over. I have so many emotions going through my heart, I ahve no idea how I feel. I am so pissed, mad, sad, dissapointed, and other emotions that I don't think has a word for them, so I guess I feel BLAH! Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow (in a figurative and lyric way of saying things).

State Meet '05!

November 04 2005
So tomorrow is the Cross Country State Meet. I am a tad bit nervous, but more excited than anything. I dreamt that Siegel Nation was going to be there cheering us on,and I still thought they were until I was sitting in early day thinking about how cool it will be to have them there, then I remmeber dreaming it instead, bummer. Oh well, Jeff is going to go, so that is Siegel Nation +1 to me! I cannot wait till tomorrow night when I can eat anything and everything! I am thinking Demos' for dinner, then Marble Slab for dessert, and LaMar's for a midngiht snack. Too bad The Boro doesn't have and Candy Shops :( I want some gummy penguins and some other gummies, like sour worms, mmm I miss sour worms, some of my favorite candy.


October 20 2005

Yesterday I had an amzing race! It was awsome. I came in 2nd on the team, had a 21:09, and I came in 15th place in the race (top 30 got trophies!) Jeff put a note on my car that said that I am amazing and he is so lucky to have me in his life, but the truth is, I am lucky to have him in my life! He is amazing!

Fun Weekend

October 16 2005
My weekend was pretty awsome! Friday night I went to Homecoming with Jeff. Always fun. There was a creepy guy spying on us and smoking a cigarette. Saturday we had practice. It was alright. Saturday evening I went to dinner with Jeff, his parents, and his little sister. That was fun, but I was so nervous! I was too scared to talk, afraid of what I might say. Then we went to his house and watched Anchorman and Harold and Kumar go to White Castle. Funny movies. I really like Jeff =) He is one awsome person!


October 11 2005
So I think Emily has a boyfriend...sweeeet!

Disney World

October 09 2005
Disney World was amazing! I miss it so much!

Best Race so far!

October 04 2005

So we had a race today in Macon. It felt so good! I ran the best I've ever ran. I got 4th in the race, beat a black girl (not to be racist, but they are some fast people!), I came in 1st on the team (huge shocker), and I ran a 20:52!!! I was so amazed! Those fudge pops did the The whole team ran awsome! We had so many PRs today! It was awsome!!! I am so proud of us. We all are doing so well!

Today also made me realize I have a lot to thank God for. My life is great. Of course it has its up and downs, but it is great!

Disney World in 22 hours!!! Yay!!! I am so excited! I am staying up late tonight where maybe I can sleep on the bus! This trip excites me since we pass by the city I was born in and we pass by the city my brother lives in, and we are in the same state as my dad. I am super excited!!!

I am also still on that high from Saturday night =) *does strange jump thingy*

Good Times

October 01 2005
It was definately a good tim etoday. XC parties are always fun.

Emily has a car!

September 25 2005
So my stepdad bought himself a car since the Mailbu was barely getting him to Nashville each and every day. So I got the Malibu. It is black cherry and it needs a name. I'm thinking something masculine. Any ideas?

Tennessee Classic

September 17 2005
So we had another race today. Highlights were:

Hurting knees
Awsome friends
Flashing Anna (accidentally)
Two large things of ice cream
peeing with no coverage while perverted guys are trying to look at you
befriending Theodore Periwinkle (TP) (gigantic thing of toilet paper)

Pretty exciting stuff!

And my mom is pissed off at me and won't talk to me becuase I didn't want to talk to her at the meet. She is mad she spent four hours there. I don't like to talk to people after I run, especially today because I wasn't in a good mood.

Pictures are in the picture box!


September 14 2005
I am so paranoid! So there is a beige Honda sitting in my driveway. I am thinking what if a serial killer or rapist is in my house?? So I call my brother hoping it is one of his friends, he knows nothing about it. This makes me even more nervous. So then I call my mom and as her if she knows what a beige Honda is doing in our driveway. I am like it could be a serial killer or rapist! She starts laughing and then says the killer is with her. Apparently she took a friend to the meeting with her. But I am so paranoid!!!