Pansy Face!

April 26 2006
I am on top of the pansy faces in the world. Why can I talk about anything and the most random, pointless things, but when I am in the same room as the guy I like, I am the quietest one in there? Geez! I am a huge pansy face!


April 24 2006
So is it weird if a girl asked a guy to hang out? Some think it is, but I don't want to miss a chance with someone or wait around for nothing. But then I don't want rejection. I also don't want to make things awkward. Hmm...

Quite Incredible day!

April 22 2006
So today we had a track meet. I PRed in the 2 mile (13:12) and 2nd place and a 6:16 in the mile (4th place). Afterwards Nicky and I went to Smootie Bear then tonight Nicky, Megan, Chris, Jessa, Bricen, and I went to Starbucks for an hour and a half then afterwards I took a frappacino to John and then met everyone on the playground at Erma Siegel. We had soo much fun! I love those people! I can't wait to do something else with everyone, again!

Happiness...why can it be so hard to find?

April 21 2006
Do you ever feel as if no one really likes you and that you don't really belong to a certain group of friends? Do you ever come home and start to cry for no reason? I wish it was easier to be happy then I wouldn't have to pretend sometimes.

Weirdo pshyco cat!

April 18 2006

Look how weird my evil cat is! Evil little bastard...yet so cute when sleeping!


April 17 2006
I love Sprinklers! We got to run through them after practice and I was soaked! It was so much fun! I also love new crushes. I have been so happy that I am giddy and jsut goofy inside. I am so happy right now! =)

I wanna date a Catholic

April 16 2006
So, this is random, but I want to date a Catholic. I want to know what is it like dating someone who has the same values and beliefs as you. I wanna see if it is weird going to church with them. I htink it would be easier to talk to them and some things you wouldn't have to worry about. But, yah, I want to date a Catholic.

Good Friday : )

April 14 2006
So, today was pretty amazing! After practice and eating at Panera for only $1.95, I was taking Megan home, in which I almost left her at Panera. While taking her home, all of a sudden we see this car lose control, hit a trash can and literally flew off the road. It was scary! Then after that adventure, I went to church for our annual mime of the Passion. It was fun. We played frisbee and swung and just had a lot of fun. You haven't lived until you see Jesus play frisbee in New Balances and a loin cloth! I love our youth group so much and I am really going to miss everyone.

No Mo' track

April 13 2006
so, it looks like I might be quiting track. I am sick of the sprinters, meets, female coaches, and the sport in general. Why run a sport I hate and workouts I hate and be the slowest at practice when I can start and running club? yah...quiting sounds amazing.

This is taking forever!

April 12 2006
longest week in history??? I believe it is.


April 08 2006

I love storms, they are sooo cool and mysterious.


April 03 2006
So, I like this guy and I want to ask him if he wants to hang out or something, but I don't know if that would be weird. I also don't want to ruin the friendship we have or make it awkward. hmm...quite puzzling.

Track meet

April 01 2006

So, track meet today. I didn't run so well in the two mile, ran well in the one mile, and I wiped out in the 300 meter hurdles. My whole left side is scratched And I am hungry, but there isn't really any food in our house.

My Car is Back!

March 30 2006

So my car is back and I am happy about that. That is about all I have to say.

Car Troubles =(

March 27 2006
So today, after I ran at Barfield and played with a two year old (almost three she told us) on the playground, Megan and I went to get my car inspected. While we were waiting in line the people around us were trying to get my attention, but it freaked us out so we ignored them. Then they got other people around us to get our attention to tell us that my antifreeze was leaking everywhere. There was so much of it. So I was stuck in the middle of the line with antifreeze everywhere and no way to get out. I had to drive up to the inspection person and I was freaking out and they let me go straight threw to get the Firestone place downtown. But Megan and I took it in then walked to her mom's work, went out to lunch with her and then she took me home. But you might ask how bad the car is, lets jsut say $850 worth of bad (and thats with the employee discount!)

Spring Break

March 25 2006
So, I am finally on spring break with only two more months left of school. Well I am not doing anything but running and sitting at home this week, so call me if you want to do anything! Though, I only have $6...eek!


March 11 2006
Boredom...the downfall of any great idea...


February 17 2006

 +  =

I am actually jsut goofing around, I liked the pictures so I posted them, by the way, I drew them all :)

I'm Ganster!

January 19 2006
So I was watching MTV yesterday, just to chill and enjoy my snow day. Well this ganster on My Own said Fo shizzle Mo nizzle. I was like "Snap! I say that!" So yah, I am officially ganster, I just need a ganster name.