Random Facts that no one needs to know...

June 06 2006

The Hundredth Billionth crayola crayon produced was periwinkle blue.

The US government does not allow the portrait of a living person on a stamp.

There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar.

Penguins only mate once a year and it doesn't last more than 10 seconds.

Babies don't have knee caps when they are born.

Money is made out of cotton, not paper.

Rubber bands last longer when refidgerated.

Until the 1960's men with long hair were not allowed in Disney World.

Boys are stupid.

Be Yourself???

June 03 2006
Someone explain something to me. Why do people always say to be yourself? Ever since you are little adults and your peers tell you to be yourself because that is all anyone wants you to be. Then why do people point out your faults and tells you to change them? For instance, people tell me to be more confident in myself, not to share so much, not to be so up and down with emotions, etc. Why are you telling me to change and also telling me to be myself? Can everyone stop being damn hypoctrites???


June 02 2006
I hate the movie Prefontaine...okay I actually love that movie! It makes me cry everytime even if I know what will happen! I have a craving to run a race right now! Maybe I will run in the morning.

An American Haunting

June 01 2006

Cara and I went to watch An American Haunting this afternoon. It was pretty good, but it was really slow and left you with more questions coming out then when you went in. I liked it and now I am interested in the legend of the Bell Witch.


May 31 2006

So I caved and I joined the hip people with a myspace, except it is really pissing me off and I have spent 5 hours trying to figure it out! here it is!


btw, I am not giving up phusebox or xanga.


May 29 2006
Life is better. All I needed was some time with a friend, so thanks Caitlin!!!

Empty inside

May 28 2006
Something inside me is empty. I am missing something. I don't know what it is or how to find it. I am not as depressed anymore, but I am not myself. At least not my self I enjoy being, the happy and hyper one. I feel very empty and I really need it to be filled. I don't think I have a heart anymore, I think it was broken too many times.

Looking back on Junior year...

May 28 2006

Lets take a look back on junior year. It started off great with cross country. I improved my times and had soo many new friends. The cross country ended and life got hard to deal with. Many tears were shed. Track started and it started off okay. I finally improved, but then it started to suck and I hated the sport and half the team. Well regions came and track was okay because I made it to sectionals by placing second. Then my Granny passed away and other crap happened all in the same time span. So if I was to rate my junior year I would say it was a....C- or a D

So take that Junior year!

Wow, this is hard

May 26 2006

My Granny died, and I wasn't sad till I remembered how wonderful she really was. Now it is starting to hit me that I will never see her again. Seeing extended relatives I don't remember was extremely overwhelming. I need to get out and back into my life, but none of my friends are home.


May 23 2006

awkward picture that was suppose to be an inside joke



Yay Photography!


May 21 2006

So this has been a boring yet stressful weekend. Boring in which I sat on my ass at the computer all weekend. Stressful in that my granny was taken of the resporator yesterday and we are waiting for her to die to know when to go down to Florida for her funeral. Also, I don't understand boys, but I am trying to turn over this new leaf of not caring, that I am afraid isn't working quite as well as I was hoping...

now for random pictures...

Congradulations Class of 2006!!!

This is what happends when your photography buddies find toilet paper in the dark room...and yes that is me...

The song Let's Do It in the Road by the Beatles is crazy! That is all they say, and "lets do it in the road" could refer to something kinky...

summer is here

May 16 2006
I am not a senior, so I am not out of school, but track is over so I feel it is. I ran in Chattanooga today for sectionals. I am bummed a little bit about getting 5th (top 4 go to state) even though I got a PR (personal record) of a 13:03 for 2 miles. But on the plus side I can eat all this candy left over from the chruch retreat that has been sitting on my living room floor with no need to feel bad about it, even though I kind of do.

My brother got married!

May 14 2006

So my brother got married this weekend...

I was a bridesmaid...

I had my first father/daughter dance with my father...

my aunt made a face out of her fruit peals and made it look as if it was smoking...

Chilly Willy was taken hostage...

We met crazy drunk people...

and I had a bloody nose while I was reading the prayers of the faithful during the wedding ceremony (but I don't have a picture of that!)


May 11 2006
I am off to Chattanooga tomorrow for my brother's wedding and then again for SECTIONALS!!! I actually did it. I made the goal I set at the beginning of the season, to make sectionals. I ran a 13:10 for 2 miles and I got 2nd. I was in the lead for 6 laps, but the girl pacing off of me passed me. I think she got sick of being spitted on about 10 times ;)

Salmon Loaf

May 10 2006
So the words salmon and loaf should not be in the same sentence nor next to each other!


May 07 2006
The retreat was absolutely amazing. I am crying right now becuase how much I am going to miss everyone. All the seniors have been outstanding this year. The retreat was amazing. We laughed and cried and watched nuns play air hockey and trying to kill us all with the puck. Sister Peter Verona is one crazy air hockey player! Well if I say anymore I won't make since because I think I am half dilerious.

Jazz Fest

May 05 2006

The Jazz Fest was a lot of fun. Retreat tomorrow! Yipee!

Smarties...the most addicting candy!

May 03 2006
I am not going to able to sleep tonight! I cannot stop eating the smarties in my room! I keep eating and if there isn't one in my mouth I feel lonely. If Smarties are bad I cannot imagine what drugs are like! Ohh my these make me hyper! I am getting soo jittery!

I am the Mockingbird.

May 01 2006

There is a reason my coach calls me Mockingbird. I have found some pretty cool things when I have been running. Lets see...there was the vodka bottle, the care bear balloon, the 6-pack of unopen beer, the cell phone cover, the baseball, the pair of glasses, the steeltoe key chain, and the fake leaf was pretty cool. Who finds a fake leaf outside??? But today was one of the best things, a scooter, but not any scooter, a Barbie scooter! I hope I didn't steal a little girl's scooter, but it was in the middle of no where. I have always wanted a scooter.

By The Way, 2 miles on a scooter is quite a workout.


April 29 2006

I am pretty tired. I need sleep. I am also kind of bored since soo many people are at prom and  am stuck at home with nothing to do but vegetate at the computer.

On a side note, boys are confusing. Is there something or am I imagining things? hmm...confusing still.

Retreat in a week! I ge tto be a leader! I get to read my talk that I have been working on for months! And I get soo many hugs in that one night! I am sooo excited!