What I felt, What I've Known, Turn the pages, Turn the stone

August 31 2006
So we have internet at work now.  It's pretty interesting now.  It pretty much pays for itself.  I love my job.  It's amazing that I am getting paid to do the things I did at home for free.  My co-workers are awesome and my boss is like the father I never had.  A lot has happened since I had the chance to update last.  Too much to list tonight.  I just know that I am finally happy and moved away from my dark, depressing past.  No more suicidal thoughts, no more trying to hurt myself, no more blaming my problems on others, no more caring if I'm single.  I feel free.  I feel like I can fly and never be tethered again.  My wings unbound.......


September 16 2006
so yea..... read your comment in elizabth's syte and i have gotta say that you are way too whipped for your own good......have a nice day ciao :]

Allen Harvey

September 17 2006
I must concur, you are most whipped, and should withdraw from any further plans involving Elizabeth quickly and expeditiously. However, if you decide to proceed with plans to, "whoo" Elizabeth, I suggest you keep your hands at the level your eyes. I would suggest you not attempt the latter. You are in way over your head buddy. Have a fantastic day!


September 25 2006
i believr he meant woo but he can't spell but just to give this comment a point... you need to udate or reply to us shooting you down or something..... and elizabeth said to tell you to get a new pic that is all