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Still Sick

November 11 2005

Sick Schedule -

Day 1 - Last Thursday - first fever,aches,chills - didnt miss school

Day 2 - Last Friday - fever,aches,chills - no school or home game

Day 3 - Saturday - fever,aches,chills,nasal - miss bowling

Day 4 - Sunday - fever, headache,nasal - miss church + youth group

Day 5 - Monday - fever,nasal,cough - no school

Day 6 - Tuesday - fever,nasal,cough - no school

Day 7 - Wednesday - fever,nasal cough - no school

Day 8 - Thursday - fever,nasal,cough - no school

Day 9 - Today - Fever,nasal,cough - no school or Football game

Medicine - since Tuesday on Allegra D, Augmentin, and Hydrocodone Cough syrup

Things I miss - everything outside my house

You all especially...

- jacob


November 06 2005

Still sick

Missed a basketball game

Missed school

Missed a football game

Missed my bowling match

Missed a party

Missed church

Missed Youth group

Miss school tommorow

Doesnt it SUCK being sick?

Oh well

Just pray

5 days of my life - wasted

Make me feel good...

 - J4(()8

Fine to Fever

November 03 2005


Strange day to say the least.

Started out fine, except for a bit of gunk in my throat.

By the end of 2nd period, I had a full blown flu.

  • Fever

  • Cough

  • Headache

  • Chills

  • Achey bones

  • swollen head insides

It sucked

Didn't leave school ( I HATE makeup work)

Fever got up to like 102 by fifth period

Rested and recovered after school



picked up sister at her school b-ball game

Ready to sleep for a long time


- J4(()8

The 7 Thing

October 30 2005

7 things I plan to do before I die:

1) Go to college.
2) Street Race 
3) Own a lamborghini
4) Get married.
5) Have kids that love me
6) Be filthy rich
7) design a skyscraper and a car

7 things I can do:

1) spell antidisestablishmentarianism.
2) legally drive.
3) sing the alphabet in french.
4) easily talk to strangers
5) make 5 types of eggs.
6) tell you most cars' names

7) play cards                                                     

7 things I cannot do:

1) dance.
2) stay on topic

3) look at vomit
4) play baseball
5) wear orange.
6) talk to hyper people who think that they are funnier than they are.
7) lie to my parents

7 things that attract me to another person:

1) good breathe
2) can talk without fake laughing at everything you say.
3) sing well.
4) long hair.
5) understands me
6) mature for age, but not boring.
7) likes to use imagination.

7 things I say most often:

1) What are you doin punk? 
2) what the crap.
3) heh.
4) okay
5) yall.
6) what am I supposed to do?
7) cool.

7 people I want to do this:

1-7) whoever leaves me a comment

1) Whoever else wants to do it.

Pro Bowlin

October 29 2005

I did GREAT at Bowling league this morning.

First Game - did okay - got my average - 90

Second Game - did better - over average - 100

Third Game -GREATNESS - HIGH SCORE - 150!

Then - saw Zorro with the part of the youth group at church

It was okay.

Im out...

- J4(()8

Old Friends and Dancing

October 27 2005


I dont know what to do

Tommorow night is the Oakland game and my old school dance.

I can chaperone at the dance or go to the game.

Both ways I see old friends.


 - J4(()8


October 25 2005

That was to get your attention, but I did in a way

I played football - tackle - with my friend Matt, some eight year olds, and two eleven year olds

I kicked butt

Nobody could get me down, except Matt

I think that the rest of the day wasn't that great...


Hilarious thing happened -

My Grandmother is getting rid of her car.

She doesnt like driving, and doesnt think she needs to really

She said that I could have it

It is a 1987 Dodge Dart...


lol, I think I'll just try to get a car from my parents

 L@T@ H@T@$!

- J4(()8


October 23 2005

Ya...Weekend is over

That SUX

Cant wait till next weekend - Oakland/Riverdale game

See a lot of people

Busy life right now

Hope to sleep well tonite

Comments today?

Talk to Yall soon

Ruh Moop

- J4(()8

Interesting Life

October 21 2005

That's Cooper my dog.

Interesting day...

1 - Warrior Walk

2 - kinda boring hang-out

3 - Video Games

4 - Helping Out at church

6 - Hang out with Matt, Jason, and Jesse

- Turning Point -

7 - Missed ride with parents to Maggie's choir concert

8 - Was mad at myself and couldn't do anything

- Point of Return -

9 - Played Video Games

10 - Maggie gets home, not mad

11 - Phusebox

Point of Now

$ L 3 3 P   T ! |V| 3  !

Ready 2 Walk

October 20 2005

Ready to walk.

NO MO homework.


Warrior Walk is gonna be fun tommorrow.

Life is going well...


Weekend, here I come

 - J4(()8 -


October 19 2005

week feels short

school feels long

homework - lots

hanging out - never

fun being a freshman

sucks having the homework



Its Here! but my crap is gone...

October 16 2005

I like the new phusebox!

But my background and music are gone...

Oh well.

Gotta spread the word more now!

Thanks for all of the comments. (alexanna and keaton)

We won again in bowling yesterday.

I watched a movie tonite.

some amc movie. pretty good.

Be bak tomorrow.

- J4(()8

Homecoming Eve

October 13 2005
Its homecoming eve.
lol. that was uninthusiastic.
Im going to eat a lot at pigout tommorow.
I am going to the game, and the afterparty.
Hope I stay awake.

Where are you guys?
only two comments.
oh well.
yall will do better this time.
you better.

- J4(()8

I forgot

October 12 2005
got my report card yesterday.
3.7 gpa.
pretty good.
4 As 2 Bs
I'll do better next 6 weeks.

I cant decide what song to put on here.
Leave me a comment with your idea.

- J4(()8

another day gone

October 11 2005
pretty uneventful.
oh well.
- J4(()8

Lookie Lookie Here comes..homework?

October 10 2005
Its Back!
Ridiculous amounts of homework from my latin teacher.
Oh well.

Today was okay I guess.
I hung out with Matt and Jessica.
Jessica was really grouchy and incredibly snappy though.

I worked on coding and got a background.
I need music now.

Yall like the background?
give me some comments!
- J4(()8

Its OVER! oh well...moving on

October 09 2005
Cant believe I have school already.
Felt like there wasnt even a break.
I finished my homework.

I got new pants the other day at Rue 21.
Some place i had never hear of in Opry Mills.
They were on sale and Ive been lookin for cargos.
I was happy.

I cant wait till Thanksgiving!
that means Christmas decorations.
The cold weather put me in the mood.

Happy Columbus Day Eve!
- J4(()8

over 100 and plenty of homework

October 08 2005
I got over 100 in every game at bowling.
my average went up, and we won.

went to the store.

hung out with matt and jessica

did a bunch of homework.

Tired at 9:00.
how wierd.

I love this weather...
- J4(()8

they're back!

October 06 2005
parents home.
in my own house now.
quick two days.

I feel like break was short.
tommorrow is already the mast day.
oh well.
did some fun stuff right?
well...sort of.

I gotta cut myself short because im as tired as... something real tired...

- J4(()8

tired? me?

October 04 2005
I accidentally woke up at 7.
made the day long and yawn filled.

I went into Nashville with my mom to go to the mac shop to get my ipod fixed.
they only sell ipods, but work on computers.
time wasted.
but we saw my mom's friend's new house.
7000 sq ft of big...and old.
its cool
its also from 1930!

My parents leave tommorrow mornin to go to a business meeting thing with some church in alabama.
theyll just be gone till thursday afternoon.
Im stayin with matt, my neighbor.
Ill try to update tommorrow.

good night.
- J4(()8