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Great Summer!

August 05 2006

Oh man... Where to start.

I haven't been on Phusebox nearly enough. So much has happened unposted.  

So this summer alot of things changed for me - I saw someone get drunk for the first time, met like 5 new kids in my nieghborhood, went on my first major youth trip, Turned 16, got license, got 4 of my friends to start comin to youth group, went to six flags for the first time, my mom finally got a  new car - a 2003 Black Toyota Avalon, some of my closest cousins moved from Louisiana to 1 mile from my house, when i get back im gettin my first car! - a '95 Forrest Green Volvo 850.

Its amazing, this summer has made me finally feel like a teenager, in good ways and bad. I feel like im gettin closer to my friends and farther from my momma's boy mentality. I still dont cuss, but im not such a stiff.

Oh ya! I'm fillin out an application for Chick-Fil-A while i'm on vacation so that when i get back i can get a job. Hopin on about 20 hours a week.

Its all good right now, I'm on vacation in Charleston South Carolina. Well right outside Charleston on James Island. There's a pool, a dock, a hot tub, we can see the full Charleston skyline. Oh man its relaxing out here.

I'm actually lookin forward to sophomore year. Some of my best friends are comin to Riverdale, and my cousin Taylor. Its gonna be a great year! Drivin myself to school is gonna be cool too. Im psyched.


Chris Slate,

August 05 2006
really random but i think its cool how ya do your signature haha


August 06 2006
yay! lets do it!! JA(OB..ha...thats amazing!