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Was that a "wasted" day or what?

June 15 2006


So I woke up at 8am and ate food and showered and stuff by 9.Then I hung around until about 10:30, at which time I went to my friends house.

He had already had two shots of Tequila and 3 beers. NOT SMART! He drank 6 more and we finally got him to stop and started walking him around to get him sober. I was tryin to keep him away from doorbells, porto-potties, and trash cans (all of which he wanted to mess with) and spent the next 3-4 hours pickin him up and pushin him past trouble. He then drank 6 more beers because his buzz was gone and he was feeling bad. This takes us to the total of his 15 beers. I was tryin to be a good friend and stop him, but it took his sister to finally stop it. Last I heard, he was in the bathroom, stripped down, sleeping, crouched over the toilet. He had his fun, but now lets see how fun it is! Right?

I then just went and played flashlight tag with a bunch of little kids. Good way to spend an hour.

Oh yea! I got a date tomorrow. Lol. Wish me luck.



June 15 2006
ahahaha WOW. I read your subject and was like..WHAAAT?? JACOB GOT WASTED?!?!?! ahahahah...well..im sorry for your friend. who's your date, eh?? well, good luck! ahah

Laura White

June 16 2006
ah its just some guy lol

Kalli Nicole

June 16 2006
Uh oh a date?? lol with whom?


June 22 2006
you have to tell me who your going on a date with....i have to approve.. .did you write her a song?!..haha i loovvvee you!...good luck!! :)