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Been Gone For a While, but I

May 19 2006

I made that up. lol.

Phusebox is awesome and homework is not, so now that class is over I have my nights back to update the heck out of this thing.

Life is good. Summer break means vacation, youth trips, basketball in the hood, and TURNIN 16!

How cool is that gonna be?

Lots of Fun times ahead.

Ya'll doin anything over summer?

If you are, or if you're not, get on aim and send me a message. Hoping to hit the movie theatre quite a lot.

Don't know what to write… Ya'll comment me and remember that I'm back and ready to read your entries.

Be Back Soon


May 19 2006
marissa :(

Nathan Moore

May 19 2006
good to hear that you will be back on PhuseBox regularly. Have a nice summer, man.


May 19 2006
haha hey thanks for the comment and being 16 was awesome. R you gonna get your drivers license? if you are its TOTALLY AWESOME...to be driving without parents. Have a great summer


May 19 2006
ja ja ja jacob... dude..like..We seriously need to get everyone together this summer!! i mis you bunches!1 and im totally loving the new pic!

Laura White

May 20 2006
hahaha thanks... i must say i have a chalk talent!!!


May 20 2006
haha...i miss your crazy pictures!.. we need to get together like alexanna said!


May 20 2006
its a 2001 red toyota corolla... nothing fancy .. but i love it anyway.. it gets like almost 40 mpg... which is awesome.. haha h im excited! - liz