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March 25 2006

Today is the day that everything has completely gone wrong... I have realized that everyone can lie to you... Even your own parents... I have just had my eyes opened to this... I can't believe this... I am so stupid... Well like usual we (me & my mother) got into another fight... I am so damn tired of this... We just can't seem to get along at all anymore... So during the course of this fight I got thrown out of my house... Now I have nowhere to go no money and now I am going to have to give up my dream just to survive in society... I hate this I wish I could just run away from this but it's not possible... Just to all of those people who think that my family is well awesome your wrong... We are very disfunctional... To all those who think that I am "perfect" wake up please I am far from it... I am not saying that I am a horrible person but just a normal human being... So I guess when life gives you lemons then I guess you (me) are supposed to make lemonade... Yeah so that wasn't gay or anything... Guys I just can't seem to make things work anymore... I guess that I am the problem and so this is probably for the best... All I wanted was for this year to be special... You know different from the rest... I just want to leave all this behind forever... But I can't because there are a few people who mean so much to me that I can't do that... Is it to much to ask them to let me be me... But no they will not accept me for me... I just can't deal with this anymore... I just freaking hate this situation... That's it for now i will write more later...

Candi Ramsey

March 25 2006
I'm sorry, you havent called me today... (shoked) if you need me you know im here, and i actually have a guy (blake) staying the night b/c he is kinda in the same boat, so if you need me call..


March 30 2006
Brian.. suck it up! XP How you been lately?

Just Me

March 30 2006
i need limo money!