He told me I

December 15 2005

I found a new man, well guy, actually boy. Last night when I was babysitting, I was working on a project, and out of the blue Grady said, "Miss Megan you look beatiful tonight" That just made my day.

One exam down, one to go, I think I did pretty good on my spanish one


Ok done w/ my second, got a 75 on it, not horrible for not even studying for a second.

What I want for christmas...

December 08 2005
Well according to Grady (the 4 year old I babysit for) I want a trumpet or trombone, the conversation:

Grady: Miss. Megan what do you want for christmas?
Me: I don't know Grady, what do you think I want?
Grady: I think you want a trumpet! Or maybe a trombone.
Me: Really, I think that would be a great present
Grady: Yes it would be.

Yea this is a kid who has a trumpet, trombone, french horn, and a ufonioum (sp), and all I have is a clarinet, wow does he have an advantage over me!!!

My car had a boo boo

December 07 2005
So my car's tire BLEW, and yea, that wasn't good, and so i pulled to the side of the road on Baker (yea that was my blue car if you saw it) and then Mrs. Batey comes up her driveway to run arines, and being the sweet lady she is asked if I needed help, ended up taking me home so I could change for basketball pictures, and then brought me back to school, I'm so sending her a thankyou card, anyways, then I go babysit, and let's just say that tonight was the WORST night I have ever had to babysit, the boys were acting HORRIBLE, Ella was crying and that just put the icing on top of the cake for the day, however when Greg and Kelli got home they "disciplined" their children (let's just say this is a night they won't forget for a LONG time) then Greg took me home and on the was we stopped by my car and he FIXED it for me, and then he was going on about how he was going to get me a tire and get this wrench for me so if this ever happens again I can do it myself, then he said that he would align it for me!!! Which he is in the car/fixing them/everything business, so he has a machine to align my car, but he is just amazing, that family is amazing, and even though I sometimes get tired of the youngsters, I wouldn't be who I am today w/ out them, so I'm very thankful, and right now I'm seriously thinking about not going to school tomorrow b/c I have so much stuff that needs to be done/looked over, and I haven't even glanced at it, Idk I'm going to debate that, see if it's really worth it...have a wonderful day!!!


Pray for SNOW

The Mouse

December 04 2005
So I'm letting the mouse go tomorrow in the fields by school, I don't know how to take care of itself and it does, and I don't want to touch it so it's cage is a mess...

Anyways last night was crazy...Sorry but Harry Potter is not a good movie IF you have read the book, which I did right before it came out, and so yea it just had a lot of holes.

Well after that I took my stepsister home, came home, hung out for a while, watched Sweet Home Alabama, then the Ravenwood Oak Ridge game, yea Ravenwood won and I'm glad b/c their a new school and Oak Ridge has had plenty of chances in the past(plus I have friends in Ravenwood's student council and so of coarse I was rooting for them)...anyways after that I went to Alyssa's house and spent the night there, then came home, slept, did some laundry, and now I'm about to go to bed...have a marvalous day!!!

A Mouse vote

December 01 2005
So the concert was awesome, and then walking in the storage room and seeing the trombones from 4th period getting dressed just top my night (not really, but it was funny anyways)
Ok here is the deal... this mouse was in the band storage room and someone wanted to smash it w/ a case, I saved it, now the question is do I keep it as a "class pet" or do I let it go free in the fields then let it find it's way back in the school and get killed???


November 22 2005
let me say this one more time, just in case you didn't catch it the first time...
Yea the game was amazing, and it we as good as last years Riverdale game (our first win) you didn't know who was going to win the entire time, and it came down to the last 60 seconds, and then our boys came through and won 51-45 so yea I was so proad of them, well i have a busy day tomorrow...night


November 21 2005

She was so much like her it was scary

Let's just say Tigger was a little flirty, ok a lot flirty, and he wanted to be in a bunch of pictures...

Well that's about it, I had a blast road 1 ride (space mountain) and got to meet 13 characters, even thought i saw a lot more, but we didn't have time, and the beast wasn't seeing anymore b/c he had to go, but I'll get him and Belle next time, and some pics aren't on here b/c we didn't get it w/ disney photo pass and so i need to get those from my sis, but I'll get them later...Have a wonderful day!

Disney so far

November 19 2005

Well we didn't drive all night as we planned, but that didn't happen and we stayed at the "Exuctive Inn" Yea that was a joke w/ Exuctive and all being in the sentence. Well since we got here so late we shopped in Flordia Mall, and then we went and ate dinner at Planet Hollywood, and since laura works for disney and Planet Hollywood is on their property we got VIP service...meaning that we got seated right away and skipped the 45 minute wait and was in and out of there in less that an hour, and theat was with us having some fun and goofing around w/ everyone else in there.

Well then we shopped at Pleasure Island and let's just say laura gets 40% off and so we got a bunch of stuff and didn't pay that much for it. However, I got this cute sweatshit and the lady didn't take the security tag that is supposed to beep off of it and so yea I still have it on my sweater and we have to take it back so we can get it off. Yea you can steal anything from that place and they wouldn't even know, and the security thing is just for looks, which I find funny.

Well I'm going to go get ready for the Disney.

Roller coaster ride

November 16 2005
well today was like a rollercoaster...and it all started w/ me slipping in this water that had leaked into the school from the storm last night, then it just went from there and I found out stuff that upset me and basically brought me to tears, then when I checked my email at around 5ish, I found something out that made me so happy, you have no idea, then I babysat and I warmed ella's milk up too much and then I opened the bottle and extreamly hot milk got all over my hand...

However I'm happy for my sister b/c you want to know when she is going to see Harry Potter??? at 12:01 in the morning, and that is actually 11:01 our time, so yea I'm kinda jealous, but when I go and see it I'm going to the IMAX, and that is way better then just the movies...

Have a blessed day and I'll see everyone when I get back from DISNEY WORLD!!!

It is raining very very very hard...

November 15 2005


November 12 2005

So yea pretty sure I'm going to DISNEY WORLD next weekend, I'm so excited, never been there or Flordia and yea I'm just excited and I can't explain it except to say I feel like I'm a kid in a candy store!!! And I get so hang out w/ my sister and hopefully get a little tan :)...well I think that is about it...oh and everyone should go to the Blackman Band Prism (christmas) concert on December 1, and it is going to be AWESOME!!! I don't know about the other 2 classes, but 4th period is having so much fun w/ their music it is just crazy, and it's kinda funny just w/ what we do in class, we just have fun, but get so much done, anyways, if you can you should come, it might be kinda long b/c we have small esambales too, but it will be worth it.

A Good Six Weeks...

November 09 2005
So far I have an A in all of my classes (English, Spanish, Algebra 2, and Chemistry) I'm almost positive I have an A in Tech. Marketing, but watch my one B be in Band b/c I didn't pass everything off...which would be my luck b/c I always get an A in there, but we just have to wait and see!!!


November 02 2005

Ok so life...yea right now it isn't going so well, I'm slaking on my school work, I'm not concentrating on anything, and basically I feel like the Megan Zombie, walking around doing her normal thing, but not really comprehending any of it. Tonight was good, we sang a song and it just hit my heart, literally:

Break My Heart

My heart is hard
My soul so weak
The ways of evil
Cut so deep
I need you Lord
To come inside
And gently break my heart.

Last night

October 29 2005
WARMING, the list goes on and on. I will miss the seniors, and granted
we lost the game, but you have to have a positive out look on
everything, at least we had a perfect season .

To Siegel's band yall were awesome and of coarse you know that, yall are like an army!!!

To Blackman's band, you have no idea how many compliments I was given
or heard about us, everyone loved us, weather it was what we did in the
stands w/ our rock band, or how we did the hokey pokey, or how they
loved our selection of music and how the enjoyed themselves. We did
awesome and next year we will totally top it!!! I already have a
FABULOUS idea for the show that I'm putting in for an idea.

Well last night was great, however color guard didn't get to wear
anything for 2nd quarter, half time and half of 3rd quarter, so yea I
think I got a little sick from that. But I'll be fine.

Well that is about it, I g2g and work on my room.


October 24 2005

Yea pretty sure there are some really old pics, but here are some of my favorite...enjoy!!!

Me and "Mr. Jolly"

Me and Mr. Jolly

And then you have the Seniors torturing the freshman

This was one of my favorite pics from camp


October 21 2005
Ok Yall were awesome tonight, granted we didn't win, but double overtime against Lavergne is AWESOME and yall will totally beat Siegel next week, just play just as hard as you did this week and you got it in the bag!!! I'm so proud of you and so is everyone one else!!! WE GOT THIS!!!

the day has finally come

October 20 2005
BRACES ARE OFF!!! Yea it feels really funny, haven't had this feeling
for 2 years, 3 months, and 19 days, but at that time they were all
messed up...anyways I'm happy, debating weather to spend $20 tomorrow
for Trail Blaze, I'm feeling a no, so yea we'll see how it goes. Not
much else to say but I'm tired and it is 8:45 at night and I'm going to


The last time...

October 13 2005
Today was the last band practice I will have my braces on... tomorrow is going to be the last football game with my braces on... this is going to be the last week with my braces on...I will miss them, i haven't gone a day in high school with out them... AND I'M SO EXCITED!!!


October 12 2005
ok so nothing has really gone on...well i went to the retreat and that was good, i just needed to get away from the normal world, but didn't get why we watched movies and the UT GA game b/c we weren't getting away from the world when we did that... but anyways, school is good i only got one grade below a 90 and it was in spanish, and let's face it when you don't have a good spanish one year teacher you aren't going to have a good spanish 2 year, but it is still a b and that is all i care about, well i g2g get out of here...

lost in nashville

October 07 2005
So I'm supposed to be going on a fall retreat, and katie is my ride, well right now i'm on the phone w/ katie and pretty sure she is lost in nashville, but she got directions from this guy at a resturaunt, so hopefully she'll get here, we can only hope...