big stuf

June 15 2005
big stuf was awesome!!! the weather was beautiful! the speakers were awesome! worship was awesome! i really needed something...and big stuf did it. thankyou, Jesus. i dont know how much longer i could have lasted like that. ill try and emember to post more about it later. but now im tired.


June 09 2005
today was pretty good. i went on a bike ride (i havent ridden a bike in like...2 years.) it was much fun. and then i watched the storm. it was amazing. if you didnt see it you completely missed out. my mouth still hurts. o well. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!


June 08 2005
need i say more?


June 08 2005
i got my braces. ouch.


June 07 2005


June 06 2005
i have to go babysit in a little bit.


June 05 2005
do you like the profile picture? i know it's sideways...i couldn't flip it to the right way. o well.


June 05 2005
*exitement* tee hee

some people

June 04 2005
some people are weird. i got online and some random person i dont think i know instant messaged me. the first thing they said was what is in my profile thingy. i asked who is was and they put my profile thingy up again. i asked who it was again. they put my profile thingy up again. then they put up (what i think were) other peoples profile thingys and/or away messages. i dont think i know any of the people who's profile thingys and/or away messages were being sent to me. eventually i told this person to stop. then this person said "im sorry. i was being gay. im (put name here)" i dont remember the person''s name. (i think the last name was stalk or something) then the person says "do you have a xanga" i asked if i knew the person. they asked if i had a xanga again. i waited a minute and asked if i knew them again. then they got off line. it was weird.


June 03 2005
i ate pizza today! it hurt, but it was gooooood!!!!!!!! yay!

no chicken noodle

June 02 2005
i cant even eat chicken noodle soup. i tried.

ice cream

June 02 2005
ice cream is the only thing i can eat right now. we only have strawberry. :(


June 01 2005
im really bored. and im tired. perhaps i should go to bed. i dont really want to, though. hmmm...


June 01 2005
hey! this is my new site! hope you like it!