tee hee

October 16 2005

this is kinda fun.

hee hee

hmm... wow. i don't know how much i like this colour. it's kinda strange...

so... i like this one. anyways... alabama was lots of fun. (wow. i almost said atlanta, not alabama.) we came in second. that was cool. we beat escambia (or how ever that's spelled) and that was just really awesome. we got all ones. and we went to the grocery store. and today we spent two and a half hours at the stupid mall... yeah. i'm kinda tired. and i'm going crazy. and i'm getting angry at my internet. it is mean. so i'm going to stop typing now.

i love  you.



October 13 2005
so life is pretty good right now.


October 12 2005
i really hate not being able to sleep.
i'm so tired.

psat today= no fun.
i hate tests. especially really long ones.
i think i failed my french quiz.
i hate verbs.
i don't understand why i haven't been able to sleep lately.
but the lack of sleep is why i've been so tired, and my lack of focus is because i've been so tired. i hate this.
i am in pain right now. it is no good. ouch.


October 11 2005
i really hope i can focus tomorrow. i haven't really been able to focus on anything for more than a minute (or two if i'm really lucky) since like two weeks before the break. my mind has been everywhere. and i don't really want to sit still or be quiet for very long. like... it's not possible. and that psat thing is tomorrow. it would really suck if i got there and couldn't concentrate...

i got an amazing picture tonight. i will try to put it on here. later. but my computer is stupid, so maybe not.


October 09 2005


October 08 2005
this week has been pretty much uneventful...
besides vacation and leaving early...

i like the cold weather.


October 08 2005
i thought i wrote on here yesterday...
guess not.


October 05 2005
i am back.

learn to be still

September 29 2005
How do I get out of here
Where do I fit in?
Though the world is torn and shaken
Even if your heart is breakin'
It's waiting for you to awaken
And someday you will-
Learn to be still
Learn to be still


September 28 2005
someone should bring me a cookie. that would be good.


September 27 2005
i love you. alot.


September 26 2005

photo from Mady di principessa

that's me at my "birthday"... that was really more than 2 weeks after my birthday. and the waitor at camino real shoveled whipped cream in my face. and managed to get it up my nose and in my eye... hehehe.


September 25 2005

next week

September 24 2005
is almost here. :-)


September 22 2005
thank god this week is almost over. it's been awful. like... wow awful. but tomorrow is friday. and band saturday. and then next week is here. hopefully it will be better.

i got it!

September 21 2005
you all better watch out! i got my permit!


September 20 2005
me + stupid people= NO!!!
i about hurt a few stupid people today.
and a few annoying ones.
but i got to play during freshmen band... that was... more fun than study hall would have been. but i really would have rather worked on midstate... but all of the practice rooms were locked, and medford was not there.
i didn't really have a great day... it kinda sucked. but somehow i was especially... bubblyish at band practice...
but now i'm sorta... not really happy again. i'm not really... ugg, like i was last night or this morning or this afternoon, but i'm just not happy... o well. i guess that's just the way it works.


September 19 2005
i officially suck.


September 18 2005
oh my goodness. hendersonville was so much fun. so we didn't come in first place... but it was fun. and they only beat us by half a point. and we had a pretty good run for this early. and it'll get better. and the guard and percussion did really well. first place guard and best in class percussion! my face is sun burned... and my hat hurt it. and i love my section. it's really awesome. and i'm really sore. and not really that tired. and i love bus 3. it's great. and i love most of the people on it. and i love competition. and i love band parents. they are amazing. and i just love band. but i didn't have my bus buddy from last year (garrett) and last year i sat by the same person at all the competitions, but he quit... (cameron) but it was still great fun. and i can't believe how much i missed competition. and to think... i wanted to quit band last year... *shakes head*
well... i'm tired of typing on here. i love you!!!


September 15 2005
somebody should write me a song. and someone ELSE should play me and stephy the song. *coughCAMERONcough*