Going to NYC

March 10 2006
So tonight I am packing because I am leaving tomorrow morning to go to New York! Again! I'm pretty excited about spending the next week up there and then flying to Chicago for more video fun times. Aww yeah..

New Group

February 06 2006
So i started a group called "I love appropriate, positive touch," so for those of you who want to say you were a part of it before it got to be huge, I would sign up soon because it's only a matter of time before it spreads like wildfire!


February 03 2006
So today was rather interesting.. twice today I found myself on my phusebox profile clicking on the artists on my favorite music section and getting great pleasure out of finding that I was the only phusebox member to cite any given one.. weird I know.

Also, this morning I was watching HGTV and they have this show called "weekend warriors." It really made me want to paint a room.. sooo alas, I've been painting all day. My parents think I'm crazy. I am.


January 30 2006
So I went to new york city this weekend to be a part of the gallery church of manhattan's launch service. It was an amazing weekend! I love that town, I love that church, and I really love those people! Here is a short list of some of the fun things that happened... seeing Brett get zipped up in Ellie's new suitcase and beg for mercy... juggling 3 small bears... subway train's that randomly change from express to local... "chill parties"... after parties... finding a silencer and co-starring in a hit television series... Stan knocking things over in the middle of the service... almost jumping into the lake in central park... re-filtering coffee... paying 22 dollars for an 11 dollar meal... answering the question "so when are you moving to New York?" about 100 times... visiting the soho apple store... sucking at directions with Cami... discovering the internal organs of an etch-a-sketch... finally finding a Dr. Pepper... seeing 90 something people worshiping God at the service.

There are more and when I think of them I will add them. Also, to everyone I hung out with this weekend: if you have any pictures of these times, please send them to me!

Over The Rhine

December 30 2005
So last week I had the pleasure of seeing the band Over the Rhine live in concert in Nashville. I have been a big fan ever since I first heard them a little over a year ago. There's something about them and it's really hard to explain. The feeling at one of their shows is kind of like when someone comes over for dinner and they say something like "Wow, I love what you've done with the place. It really feels like home." You can really tell what fills the room is straight from the heart. If you've never heard of Over the Rhine, you really should check them out, but do it alone in a quiet room. Thanks Amber for the ticket!

A Great Night of Worship

November 18 2005
All worship night at Clemson FCA = one of my favorite nights of the semester. It really is quite possibly the most enjoyable jobs I get to do. Besides getting to work with Trip and Trey, everyone is really into worshiping God and the atmosphere is really incredible. However, video almost didn't happen....

...because Trip and I were late... okay, pretty late... okay rediculously late. Call time was 5 o'clock and because of class, and a healthy dose of traffic in alpharetta, we didn't arrive until 6:40. Trip and I had 40 minutes to be ready and in that time we had to set up screens, 3 computers, run a couple hundred feet of cable, adjust projectors, capture and que footage, light the candles in the control booth, and pray before we could start. Somehow, God enabled us to be ready when the band hit the first note. Still not sure just how that happened. We were glad to see the end of the first service so we could start to breathe again. It went pretty well. The second worship set was packed out! We killed the lights as everyone was still talking, finding their seats, and making a lot of noise. From the black stage we began to hear the mellow drone of bagpipes bleed through the sound of the crowd. I threw the words to Amazing Grace up and the noise gradually turned from loud conversation to soft singing as they worshiped with the bagpipes. A sweet moment indeed.The rest of the set went really great, Trip and I were really in sync. One more really cool moment during the set: Up until the second to last song, Majesty, we had words on the two side screens and loops on the large center screen. The song starts slow and gradually builds to a really powerful chorus that just goes "Majesty, Majesty." Right as the band and the crowd hit the first note of that chorus, we faded in two stars/galaxy loops that we blended together with the DV-7 onto all three screens. Everytime they sang Majesty the building shook. Awesome!

After a great night, we spent some time hanging out with Trey, Austin and gang. I can't wait to do it again. I uploaded a few pictures taken by Austin Grigg. Check em out!


November 03 2005
This past weekend I helped out with a middle school outreach, the Haunted Farm. We took a bunch of middle school students out to this farm, make them walk through the woods and scare them till they wet themselves. My role was to be the crazy redneck farmer. The students had to cross a gravel road on the property. I was there waiting for them with my truck. As they neared, I cocked the shotgun. When they heard this, they would look around to see what it was. I screamed at them to get off of my property and fired a couple of warning shots. As they started to scream and run down the road, I hopped in my truck and took off after them. After a short chase I woud go back and start over with the next group. It's kind of ironic that I was the one doing this given that I'm not really into guns. I'm not going to lie though; I throughly enjoyed shooting at middle school kids. (We emptied all of the shells so I was firing blanks) Good


October 29 2005
Yesterday I came home to Roswell to hang out with the one and only Trey Boden and gang from Clemson. We decided to get several pumpkins and have a carving contest. Trey, Trip, and I were a team. We didn't win because of an overly biased judge, Jodi Dinkle. (She computes with a "Toshiba," or something like that.) I thought you all would like to see our Apple-inspired entry.


October 23 2005
Kyle Jackson with a blog?? No way! It just can't be!

This must be what you're thinking but alas, it's true. So now the big question is why? I've never been one of those people who say things like "I'll never have a blog. It's trendy and silly." I actually frequently read a whole bunch of them. I suppose I've just never felt like I could possibly write anything anyone would care to read or, more importantly, gain something from. So the reason I'm doing this is mostly because I had the pleasure of meeting the mastermind behind this site, Nathan Moore, and I wanted to do my part in promoting his site. He's got a great podcast as well, for those of you who are interested in the tech world on a borderline obsessive level, as am I. ( http://thespark.tv/ )

So there will be more to come, perhaps worthwile, perhaps not. Time will tell.