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October 06, 2006

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Loving Jesus Christ, Drinking Windex! (lol, I can't believe i actually put that on here.), English Literature, Worship Production/Arts, Apple Computers, Geocaching, Backpacking, Hating Comic Sans with an intense passion, Podcasts, Discovering new music, Hookah Bars with friends, White Chocolate Chios, Going to cool cities like NYC!, Concerts, Eating at expensive restaurants, Taking time to appreciate the little things in life and saying "Guys, These are the times of our lives.",


The Damnwells, Iron & Wine, Over the Rhine, Imogen Heap, Eisley, Sufjan Stevens, Miles Davis, Teitur, Cities of Foam, Jump Little Children, Mum, David Wilcox, Edwin Mccain, Jamie Cullum, Neil Young, The Books, Charlie Hall, Glen Phillips, Amos Lee, Nick Drake, Andrew Peterson, David Gray, David Mead, Death Cab for Cutie, The Duhks, Grace Potter, eastmountainsouth, Eldar Djangirov, Guster, John Coltrane, Mae, Mute Math, Nickel Creek, Ray Lamontagne, Rilo Kiley, Sigur Ros, Sister Hazel, Tortoise, Tristan Prettyman, Wilco, Ulrich Schnauss, The Fray, Trent Monk, Embrace.


Magnolia, Elephant, Donnie Darko, In The Bedroom, Fargo, Dead Poet's Society, The Hours.


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Going to NYC

So tonight I am packing because I am leaving tomorrow morning to go to New York! Again! I'm pretty excited about spending the next week up there and then flying to Chicago for more video fun times. Aww yeah..
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New Group

So i started a group called "I love appropriate, positive touch," so for those of you who want to say you were a part of it before it got to be huge, I would sign up soon because it's only a matter of time before it spreads like wildfire!
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So today was rather interesting.. twice today I found myself on my phusebox profile clicking on the artists on my favorite music section and getting great pleasure out of finding that I was the only phusebox member to cite any given one.. weird I know.

Also, this morning I was watching HGTV and they have this show called "weekend warriors." It really made me want to paint a room.. sooo alas, I've been painting all day. My parents think I'm crazy. I am.
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So I went to new york city this weekend to be a part of the gallery church of manhattan's launch service. It was an amazing weekend! I love that town, I love that church, and I really love those people! Here is a short list of some of the fun things that happened... seeing Brett get zipped up in Ellie's new suitcase and beg for mercy... juggling 3 small bears... subway train's that randomly change from express to local... "chill parties"... after parties... finding a silencer and co-starring in a hit television series... Stan knocking things over in the middle of the service... almost jumping into the lake in central park... re-filtering coffee... paying 22 dollars for an 11 dollar meal... answering the question "so when are you moving to New York?" about 100 times... visiting the soho apple store... sucking at directions with Cami... discovering the internal organs of an etch-a-sketch... finally finding a Dr. Pepper... seeing 90 something people worshiping God at the service.

There are more and when I think of them I will add them. Also, to everyone I hung out with this weekend: if you have any pictures of these times, please send them to me!

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Over The Rhine

So last week I had the pleasure of seeing the band Over the Rhine live in concert in Nashville. I have been a big fan ever since I first heard them a little over a year ago. There's something about them and it's really hard to explain. The feeling at one of their shows is kind of like when someone comes over for dinner and they say something like "Wow, I love what you've done with the place. It really feels like home." You can really tell what fills the room is straight from the heart. If you've never heard of Over the Rhine, you really should check them out, but do it alone in a quiet room. Thanks Amber for the ticket!

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