January 19 2007

So Pretty sure we have an AMAZING God!!! I can not wait till this summer! I get to go to Canada for 3 WEEKS!!! I am so happy I can not wait to see what all is God is going to do while I am there!!! Last summer was not the same with out Canada so I am so so so happy and blessed!

Give all your cares and concers to God and he will bless you in so many ways!!

Have a great and safe weekend!


August 20 2006

I start school on Monday and I am so excited about starting, but at the same time so nervous. I love my suite and I can not wait to move in and have a great year with these girls. My suite consistes of, Me, Brittney Martin( my roomate), Rachael Bell, Brittany Barrett, Brittni Miller, Niki Guilden, and Pagie Hopkensburger( she is not from TN). I can not wait to see also what God has in store for my this year.

I hope that everyone has a Great year and Let God use you in whatever way he wants too.


July 12 2006

God gives us so many oppurtnities, why dont we take them.

I regret that I did not go to Canada! I miss it so much i started crying tonight at church thinking about how much i miss it and all of the people there.

I am excited about going to Flordia I just wish i could have done both!!!

I leave very soon for Flordia and I can not wait!

I also can not wait to go back to school, I am looking forward to see what all God has in store for me this year!!!

have a great rest of the summer

Loveya bunches Jesse

We Have an Amazing God

April 10 2006

i just got the new third day cd and I love it!!!!

second God is amazing I was having a rough morning and my mom texted me and told me to look outside and that God was in control!! That is so true! I love my mommy!!!

have a great week and trust in God!!!

Cry Out to Jesus

April 02 2006

Hope for the helpless

Rest for the weary

Love for the broken heart

Grace and forgiveness

Mercy and Healing.

Cry out to Jesus!

He wil meet you where ever you are!

Cry out to Jesus!


March 16 2006

I have had an Amazing week! Tonight was great and a great way to start my spring break!!!

Salvation is here!

There is no one like you!

he is alive

March 16 2006

New word

March 14 2006


Does anyone know what this word means!

I do it means Split ends lol

I hate them and i wish i did not have them but i get to cut my hair over spring break :) Yeah for me lol

only a few more days till spring break and i can not wait at all :)

Have a great dat :) Jesse


February 27 2006

So i am really exited :) First off i just had a math test and it went really really good. Hopefully i did do good lol. Also i might be able to go to the Dove Awards and if i do get to go i will be so exited :) So that is my exitedness for the day hopefully my day will keep getting better :)! only a few more weeks till spring break i can not wait i am ready for a long break from school  :)

Have a great day :) Jesse


February 14 2006

So today i could of been upset that i dont have a boyfriend! But no! God has blessed me so so so so much!. I have the bestest friends in the world that send me text messages at 845 in the morning( waking me up in time to go to chapel Thank you so much!!!!) Also i have wonderful friends that i get to talk to on AIM while i am in nashville and they are in murfreesboro :) Also i have wonderful family :) A great brother and awesome mommy and daddy and great grandparents and aunts and uncles. Today my uncle sent me a v-day package and it had a lot of random but great stuff in it and it makes me so so so so so so happy :) And tonight i can not wait because i am going back to high school to watch the last mtcs baseketball game :) Also today at lunch we had taco boat ( yeah that brought back a lot of old memories from high school lol :) ) Also we had Fondu seriously this has been a great day and i Love all of my friends and family so so so sos much! And i love God so much to for blessing me with so many wonderful people in my life.

Have a wonderful day :) Loveya Bunches Jesse

Backstreet Boys

February 12 2006

So this weekend was so much much much fun! Friday night i went and saw the oakland play which was really good. Then i went to eat with somefriends which was a lot of fun.!

Saturday was the best day in a while!!!!

So i was going to a concert in smyrna adn i got lost which made me sad because i hate being lost.!!!!!! but it was all good because my friends led me to the place :) Well the concert was good but afterwards was the best

Me Katie, Caleb, and Jaquie.... went to starbucks which was a lot alot of fun. There is so much stuff you can do with a cell phone that i had no idea about lol.. Then we had to go but we had fun in the car ride!!! Playign jokes, passing people, prank calling

I have some really great friends!!!!

I love my LBC frineds!!!!!!!!!! Yall are like the bestest ever :) Seriously :)

Have a great week!!!!!!!!!!


January 25 2006
"It isnt about what your church name is, it is about what life you live."


January 18 2006
So Chicago was a blast and I am already ready to go back!!!! I had a lot of fun! We did a lot of shopping :) While i was there i got to go see a play called wicked. It was a blast it was the prequil to the wizard of oz. it was about the friendship of the good witch and the wicked witch of the west!!! it was great! Also while i was there i got to go ice skating outside which was so much fun. I love iceskating so it was really cool to do it outside in the open It was also really great to spend time with my uncle and with my brother!!!!! I had a great time and it kinda snowed/rained/sleeted on the first say so that was good lol. But last night was alot of fun becouse it snowed :) Me and all of the suite mates and rachael and britt barrett went and took pictures in the snow and it was so pretty and a lot of fun :) Well have a great day loveya Jess

I am so blessed

January 09 2006

so i just eareased my entry lol. so here it goes again.

I am so blessed to have such a wonderful and caring church family. I love them to death and would do anything for them!!! I really miss the youth group a whole lot. Yesterday at church we had a testiomny night and it was great it lasted an  hour and 30 min. it is just so amazing what all God has done in our church family. I love evereyone there and i am just so blessed.

Well i am back up at Lipscomb. And so far so good. it is great to see everyone again. Classes are pretty good too. My math teacher is so old but it is all good lol. and i have lunch on monday wed and friday with almost everyone in suite so that is cool. lol.

Also on friday i get to go to Chicago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can not freaking wait i get to shop, see my uncle, and get to spend time with my brother!!!!!.

In everything you do look to God for guidence!

Well have a great day loveya Jesse 


January 07 2006

So this is a really great place to vent so here it goes :

 So i dont understand why i still have to go through high school drama when i am in college. It is crazy!!!!  People are so stupid sometimes.AHHHHHH sorry

i am ready to go back to college and get out of murfreesboro.!!!!

and a week from today i will be in CHICAGO !!!!!!

i can not wait to go. i get to see my unlce and shop like crazy i miss shopping im ready to go crazy lol. Also i get to spend time with my brother too so that will be good for both of us.

Just a couple of more days tilll school starts back up. I am really nervous about next semester i am taking more hours and harder classes so i am really scared i have to do good. 

Have a great weekend :) Jess

Christmas Break

January 04 2006

Well these past few weeks have been alot of fun. I wish i did not have to go back to school. I am enjoying it there but i dont want to go bak and do school work and be stresssed all the time ahhh. This break was a much needed one. I have not done that much but it has been fun just hanging out with my friends and such.

i really miss all of my church friends. It was relly good to be home and be able to go and hang out with my church friends sunday night was alot of fun i really miss the youth group and everyone in there.

Well it is a new year, alot of things happened last year good and bad sad and happy. This year is going to be great hopefully. I cant wait to see what all God has planed for this year i cant wait to see.

Have a great week be safe and have fun :)


December 14 2005

so school right now pretty much stinks. Im really happy that i have my first semster over with. I just really pray and hope that i passed all of my exams. im so nervous. ahhhhh!!!!! I just want it to hurry up and be friday or saturday so i can see my grades.

I have so much stuff on my mind and i just want to be at home with all of my friends. I miss my friends that are at freed and harding.

Well i have to go pack to get ready to go home. i cant wait. to bad my mom is not at home im kinda sad that she isnt going to be there when i get home she is in Pennsylvania.

Have a great day



November 14 2005
AHHHHH i need to vent!!!

i so need a break from school. Im sick of my suite mates i love my roomate but ahhhh

okay im okay lol. just a few more days till fall break then s couple of weeks and it is christmas break i cant wait :) :) :) :) :)

so anyways this weekend was alot of fun, i got to attend the first service at lighthouse and that was great :) im really exited about what all God is doing in our church!

Also today mtcs choir was at Lipscomb so it was great getting to see them. I miss HIGH SCHOOL SOOSOSSOSOSOSOSOSOSOOOSO MUCH !!!!!!!!

Well i have to go do homework. Have a great week

Loveya bunches Jess


November 10 2005

So i love Lipscomb. Tonight was amazing. It was sanctuary it was awazing. God really worked through me tonight and that makes me really happy i really need tonight. I got to register for classes today too and i got all the classes that i wanted and needed so that makes me happy! Well one week tilll i get to go home for fall break i cant wait! God is an amazing God just look outside your window and look at the trees and the leaves and just everything around you!   

     Loveya Jess


August 19 2005
my first week of school went pretty good. i feel bad becouse i didnt talk to that many new people but i had fun with my friends. Im relly exited about school i think it is going to be hard but im just relly exited lol i dont know why but im just ready for something new im sick of the same old same old. i think im going to do a community service group that sounds like alot of fun so i think that what im going to do and mabey i will meet new poepl.

well have a great day Loveya jess

white water rafting

July 29 2005
Hey well today i went white water rafting with my church youth group and it was so mcuh fun i love going!! i fell out of the raft once but it was okay like luckyly there were no rocks or anything near me lol. But all together it was a great last trip with the youth group. i asked my youth oastor about going sking and stuff in the winter hopefully i can go i think it would be great b/c i just started to like skiing lol.

Well have a great day and week.
Loveya jess


July 17 2005
church today was relly good and just wjat i needed. i have been holding onto some things that i relly should just let go but it is just so hard to let it go but i know i will be a happier person if i do. so yeah lol.
i start school in less than a month kind of scarey but im exited.

well have a great day loveya jess


July 11 2005
Canada was a great trip. I learnd alot about my self and alot about what i want to be and how i want my life to be . God relly showed me alot about myself this week too. the Kdis were great and i think next year im going to stay up there for the whole camp. I love the Pikani Indians they are so precious and so want just someone to talk to them and play with them. I did not want to say good bye to anyone them they were all like i want to come back next year and stuff and that makes me so happy so hopefully i will get to see them again.

School starts in a few weeks and that kinda scares me like im relly exited about it and stuff but like im so nervous about everything i have been at mtcs for 13 years and nothing new has come my way this is so werid and im so nervous about what im getting my self into i just hope i can stay the way i am and not change.

i also cant wait for all of my friends to get home from all of there trips. i miss them all so much lol.

loveya jess