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Jesse Robinson

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October 28, 2007

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God gives us so many oppurtnities, why dont we take them.

I regret that I did not go to Canada! I miss it so much i started crying tonight at church thinking about how much i miss it and all of the people there.

I am excited about going to Flordia I just wish i could have done both!!!

I leave very soon for Flordia and I can not wait!

I also can not wait to go back to school, I am looking forward to see what all God has in store for me this year!!!

have a great rest of the summer

Loveya bunches Jesse

July 25, 2006
kristen teeters said

hey girl! wow i so wanted to go to canada too! but just think there is only so many that can go on that trip and maybe God wanted somone else to get to go in our place! but that just makes for a even more exciting trip next year!! maybe you can go then! HAVE FUN IN FLORIDA!! i love you girl!! see u at church!

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