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March 24, 2006

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God, Church, Singing, Laughing, Starbucks, The Beach, Sleeping, Movies, Reading, Skittles, Ice Cream, Hanging out, Swimming, Running, Dancing, Laying Out, Friends..


Mostly anything expect hardcore metal and gangsta rap!


The Notebook, Twister, Fever Pitch, Finding Nemo, A walk to rememer, Love and Basketball, Aladdin,


The Bible, The Locket, Sam's letters to Jennifer, The 5 people you meet in heaven, The Carousel, Come October, The Da Vinci Code, The Historian

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only 10 more days..

wow i can\'t believe there are only 10 more days until Christmas.. it\'s crazy!! i still got a little more Chirstmas shopping to do~

the semester is officially over.. i passed mass media (the class i was worried about) so i was very happy about that, i made an A in algebra! which is incredible because math isn\'t my thing..

well i hope everyone has a great day, i\'m off to babysit! love yall~



I love you!!

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I am done with my first semester of college!!! woo-hoo!!!! :)

but now, i must study for the finals... ugh- oh well!! hopefully i will do well on both of them...

hope everyone has a great week!! love yall


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Happy Birthday to ME!!

It\'s my birthday!!!!!

I hope everyone has a great thanksgiving!! love yall~


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job.. maybe

I have a job interview tomorrow!!! Pray for me... I hope it goes well, because it should be a good job for me with school.. low key, good hours, hopefully good pay!! I hope yall have a great night!! love ya~


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i love this weather

hey! wow, the weather has been so nice lately.  And the trees and the leaves are soo pretty.. i love fall and everything that comes with it.. it\'s really nice walking about campus because they have a lot of trees! it\'s also very nice running weather!! I started running last weekend, so I\'ve been trying to keep it up! I would love to do the half marathon next year.. 13 miles!! we\'ll see though!!

well I hope everyone has a great night.. I gotta go finish studying.. then get something to eat!! love yall~


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