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December 29, 2006

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do you ever feel like you just don't fit anymore?? yea it sucks
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new life

Hey y'all!

Ok as some of you may have heard I'm not going back to BBC. I am going to move back home and take a year off of school to work and try to pay off my student loans and maybe go to MTSU or another local school next year maybe majoring in business. 

To my BBC friends:

I'm gonna miss y'all so much you dont know how happy I am to have made so many amazing friends in just a year! I love y'all so much and I think all y'all should definitely make a trip to tennessee to come visit me sometime!! y'all are amazing and I'm gonna miss you!!

To my Murfreesboro friends: 

I'm so happy to be home and I can't wait to get some good quality time with my amazing friends most of you whom i have known more than 10 years!! I love y'all so much and I'm HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so yea I'm really happy with my decision and I have such a peace about it. And hopefully something good will come out of it   lol only Allie knows what I'm talkin about lol

Well i'm gonna go now! Love y'all!!


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college life

Hey y\'all, how\'s everyone doing?!?!? i miss all y\'all a lot... all my boro people, y\'all are great!!
I have found myself lately missing someone that I never really talked to at all... this person is very special to me and I wish I could see him but I cant.. oh well, I\'ll just miss him.
I\'ve been hanging out a lot lately. There is so much going on and I\'m loving every minute of it. My dorm floor is the best!! Woodworth 4!! heck yes!! lol but seriously Im having a great time. Been hanging out with a ton of different people and it\'s been great to get to know more people all the time. But anyways Im really tired and I have church in the morning so Im gonna go and I\'ll talk to all y\'all later! Love ya~
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going away.....

hey y\'all~ well today is my last sunday going to Lighthouse. Im really sad and Im gonna miss everyone soooooo much, you just dont understand.... its crazy~ But I\'ve got a lot planned for this week so it should be good. And I plan on sharing it with all my friends and family~ Well thats all for now! I have lots to do~ Ttyl~
Love y\'all~
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hey y\'all~ my family is so super cool~ my aunt came to visit my mom and me yesterday and she is staying with us til tuesday. She reminds me a lot of my grandmother who I miss a lot so I\'m glad she\'s here right now. I leave for camp on sunday and I\'m sooooooooooo excited! I really need it right now~ Well there\'s not much else to say so I\'m gonna go now~ Love y\'all
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