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Jesse Robinson

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October 28, 2007

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We Have an Amazing God

i just got the new third day cd and I love it!!!!

second God is amazing I was having a rough morning and my mom texted me and told me to look outside and that God was in control!! That is so true! I love my mommy!!!

have a great week and trust in God!!!

April 11, 2006
Jonathan Moore said

BOOOYAAA why didnt you get the passion cd instead???? so disapointing.... Anyways happy birthday again. I hope you have a great night!
May 02, 2006
caleb said

uhm... im not sure.. she's asked me a couple times.. but i dont really know when it is... ??
May 03, 2006
caleb said

oh okay, cool. thanks :) i will talk to Jeff tonight about it. :)
May 14, 2006
kristen teeters said

hey girl! ahaha i hope school is going fantastic and you are having a great week! we really just need to sit and catch up on alot of girl talk! ahaha you are such a fun person! i love you girl! have a great night!
May 16, 2006
caleb said

i'll get ya my grad. card. if you wanna come that'll be awesome! althoug hone thing, i have invited like.. way more people than i am 'allowed' to. see since its like a private thing im only suppose to invite 20 people. but heck with that how many times am i going to graduate hight school. i've invited several people. Jeff and Courtney are coming, and you may come if you want :) i'll get that to ya whenever. oh its the 27th and in franklin or nashville. im not sure.
May 31, 2006
Julia Evans said

hey darling!!! hows your summer been so far!?!? I love you to pieces jesse

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