Hawaii Boys



January 14 2006

Aloha YA'LL

God is Great!!! Can I say anymore….

well Jeff and i are doing wonderful down here (as ya'll can see). God has put us in a GREAT church body full of amazing people, that have taken us in and loved on us 100%.

We have already started working on the campus getting Critical Mass going. That would be the name of our college ministry that we are trying to start up..... (Yeah i know....we didn't have a say so in the name) Anyways it's a much smaller campus then mtsu, only having 2800 students. It's really different in the islands. A lot more laid back and when the waves are big......yeah, no one goes to class and its ok.... anyways this is our campus

Pretty right…..and this is our campus when it's really busy….

I know it's hard to get around when it's this busy but we try,

So we got to have a table set up to give fliers away that Jeff and I made…yeah that JEFF and I made.

And we had some good music playing….well kinda,

In case you can't read it, it's Hicktown…yeah probably not a good idea, they dont really even know what country is

Anyways it went really well with the students. You see they will stop and talk to you unlike most of the students at mtsu. If you live in Maui your not in a hurry to get anywhere.

These next pictures don't have anything to do with the ministry I just wanted to put them up…

This would be our radio in our 95 blazer….

And this is the speed limit pretty much everywhere on the island, YEAH 20....I MEAN COME ON 

Yeah this is just how nice it is in Jan….. :)

This is our pastor, Gary (the white guy) and Sean (the guy that's not Jeff or Gary or white, he's a super great guy, and he took us our to day to go snorkeling then took us and got us some real hawaii food…..umm, different.)

And last but not least……ouch!!!!

Don't side into second base….

So all in all we are doing great, and doing a lot. So even if the pictures say differently we are very very busy…. We have been put on a 60 hour work week from our head pastor(pastor smith)…yeah. But its ok b/c there is so many ministry work to be done. Way more then we can do in just a semester.  So if anyone has any question or just wants to say hey message us or something and we will try to get back to you when ever we can , that's island time by the way… and there is a 4 our time difference here so if we haven't or don't call, we are either really busy or its just to late so please don't be upset. Well guys thanks so much for praying for us. Your prayers are being heard. Mahalo