Hawaii Boys



January 24 2006

 So I was given a job by a woman that I’m kinda working for on campus the other day. The job was very easy but some how I found a way to get confessed. Anyways the job was simply to put some stuff up about the clubs here on campus. She has some boards that have not been updated in about 4 years…. So she asked if I would make them look better…..pretty much do what ever I wanted to. So I took the job! And this was what I had to work with


So I got started and went to the cool room that I get to use…..yeah the only problem with it was…..well no one was there…see I guess ppl don’t really work on a Monday, I was alone for 5 hours…….:(


Then I was getting ready to make some copies….and that’s when I found him……I call him the BEAST!!!!!!.


This thing has more bottins then a airplane


So trying to not get confessed I looked for some instruction…..


only to be set somewhere else….


So then I found them…..

Please someone take a sec and try to understand what the fat I was supposed to have done……codes and numbers and names…….. hodg-e doesnt do that..




But after some time of fighting with the Beast……yeah I moved to a much smaller copier  on the other side of the room. Anyways all in all the day came together…and this was the end product……

Not exactly what I wanted but I was happy……just another day in Hawaii. Aloha.


January 24 2006
i like how you said "what the phat". it took me back to the days of matthew harding.

Maria Haun

January 24 2006
hon...i think you did a great job with what you had to work with...hope all is well


January 24 2006
haha... CONUNDRUM!!!! **Justin beats his fist on the table**


January 24 2006
haha! conundrum! :o) haha and you did a great job despite problems w/ the beast!

Lacy Evans

January 24 2006
LOL! I love it! Have to say, you did pretty well Hodg! Wish I had been there!

Hawaii Boys

January 24 2006
Yes! Lacy i wish you had been here to, b/c then it would have looked So much better and you would have been able to work the Beast!!!

kim and dani

January 24 2006
so now you comment? you bloody heifer!